Custom Drapes For Lenexa Homes: Order Woven Wood Shades For Natural Decor Themes

Dec 4, 2023

Looking for a home decor addition that effectively blends art and nature? Inside Solutions offers woven wood shades and bamboo shades with installations in Lenexa and beyond! Call +1-913-890-3737 today!

For a choice of blinds conducive to a natural interior theme, opt for woven wood window coverings. Woven woods, also known as Bamboo shades, add a pleasant touch of warmth while gently beckoning filtered light into your living space. Inside Solutions offers beautiful woven wood shades that’ll match your Lenexa home’s style to a tee!

These curtain connoisseurs are here to improve residential access in and around Kansas City to blinds and shutters that showcase recent design evolutions. Woven wood shades offer a visually striking alternative to drapes - perfect for a modern home decor!

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Bringing you woven wood shades and other curtain products, Inside Solutions also offers the assistance of its expert consultation staff. Through in-home assessments, they can help you pick out optimal drape and blind designs that suit the unique theme of your interior space.

Continuing advances in home blind artistry have resulted in significantly better products for the market - with added technological upgrades improving their functionality. 

“These are not the woven woods of the past years that you may be familiar with,” emphasizes an Inside Solutions representative. “With a variety of materials including bamboo, grasses and reeds, woven wood shades add style, texture and color to any room. Optional add-ons include cordless and motorized lift options and accessories such as beads on the hems or edge banding.”

Stressing the importance of reducing your environmental footprint, Inside Solutions describes woven wooden shades as eco-centric drapery items. They’re built from natural materials, after all, and serve as greener alternatives to other window coverings types.

Inside Solutions also points to the light-control features inherently offered by its woven wood shade options, offering you an easy means of adjusting the amount of sunlight allowed into your living spaces. Cordless styles are also included in its inventory - these are child-friendly design choices that help you maintain a safer home environment for your family.

You’ll find additional woven wood shades and shutter designs alongside blackout shades, motorized blinds, and other drapery varieties via Inside Solutions’ official website. Ready to begin?

Introducing its Johnson County services, Inside Solutions said: “We cater to the homeowner that wants something better than pre-made, wants that custom-tailored look and wants to be an important part of the design process. We allow the homeowner to choose from hundreds of fabrics, receive custom-made products at affordable prices - and with our installation, you have that fully customized end result.”

For drapery mastery and well-crafted curtains, turn to Inside Solutions!

If you’re in Lenexa or nearby, head to now!

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