Custom Dental Devices: Get Essix Partial Denture Retainers Shipped To Your Door

Jun 2, 2023

Get perfect-fitting dental devices to light up your smile with Dental Lab Direct’s affordable and hassle-free home ordering service!

Forget inconvenient trips to the dentist, uncomfortable procedures, long waiting times, and oh yes, the huge bills that follow for your dental appliances!

By partnering with this online dental lab, you can order directly from the supplier and save up to 70% off the products you need to perfect your smile!

Dental Lab Direct’s service enables you to order custom-fitting devices and prostheses to protect, align, or replace missing teeth, all from the comfort of your home!

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As one of America’s top web-based dental lab providers, the company only uses FDA-approved materials. Moreover, most of its materials are BPA-free and hypoallergenic and, therefore, suitable for people with allergies to mainstream dental materials.

In Dental Lab Direct’s partial dentures range, you will find a flexible option for both lower and upper teeth. Made from strong yet ultra-thin nylon resin, these dentures have no metal clasps and are virtually invisible once fitted. Tooth color choices range from dark to Hollywood white, and the device can replace up to 6 teeth. Acrylic and Nesbit partial dentures are also available.

To keep teeth aligned after an orthodontic treatment, the online dental lab offers a selection of clear, Essix and Hawley Retainers. Clear retainers are made from medical-grade, acrylic-free thermoplastic material while the Hawley Retainer contains stainless-steel wires for enhanced stability.

The dental lab's range of protective devices includes soft, hybrid, and hard nightguards to prevent damage from bruxism and tooth clenching. If you are a sports player or an athlete, you can order a Professional Sports Mouthguard made from 5mm thick EVA material for maximum protection.

For cosmetic enhancement, Dental Lab Direct offers you color-stable BellaVeneers. These snap-on veneers conceal cracks, stains, gaps, and other imperfections without affecting your natural teeth. The team at the dental lab utilizes a 3D computer design process to ensure the most comfortable fit and natural look.

You can also order the DLD Professional Teeth Whitening Kit, which is suitable for people with sensitive teeth as well.

After making an order, you’ll receive an impression kit containing putty, trays, bite registration wax, an order form, and instructions. Impressions can be posted back to the lab with a pre-paid shipping label and you’ll receive your order within 3-4 weeks.

Dental Lab Direct was founded by dental industry veteran Joe Bazzi in 2020. For 25 years, the Chicago-based business operated as a commercial dental lab for dental professionals. After starting to offer its services directly to consumers, the company has become one of America’s top web-based dental lab providers.

A satisfied customer said: “I thought my smile was gone forever but I couldn’t be happier with the appliance from DLD. What a great service this is for those with dental challenges.”

To be proud of your smile without breaking the bank, choose Dental Lab Direct!

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