Curtains are here to stay in 2024—and it’s thanks to Vanessa Hudgens

Feb 20, 2024

The future of window coverings is a bright one—despite many naysayers.

It seems like every year interior design magazines ask the same question: “Are curtains going out of style?” And, every year, the answer is “no”. 

‘Cause curtains never go out of style. 

Indeed, many design experts are citing curtains—in a variety of styles—as one of the biggest window treatment trends for 2024. In particular, French cafe curtains are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, while sheer curtains and vintage curtains—as popularized by Vanessa Hudgens—are expected to adorn living rooms in many American homes, says Inside Solutions—a Kansas-based window treatment company. 

Curtains are still a symbol of luxury—and they’re trending in 2024

From TikTok videos of people parading in front of their uncovered windows to a recent article in The Atlantic, which claimed that curtains—and window coverings, in general—are no longer a ‘staple of high-end American homes’, for a moment it seemed like interior designers were ready to ditch window treatments entirely. 

However, interior design experts disagree. Indeed, a trend-forecasting report predicted that curtains would be the number one—biggest—trend in interior design in 2024. Industry data confirms this steady growth—with projections that the window treatment market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5% from 2024 to 2030. Millennials, who are finally buying homes, are the main growth drivers—and the generation who is currently investing the most in home improvement projects.

“Millennials and Gen Z are also more eco-conscious than older generations, which means they’re always looking for ways to improve the overall energy efficiency of their homes. So rather than bare windows, we are more likely to see more homes with all kinds of window coverings in 2024, and beyond—especially now that automation is making window coverings even more convenient and eco-friendly,” says Inside Solutions.

Lifting the curtain on the three biggest 2024 trends

From patterned curtains echoing the retro revival trend to cafe curtains that work best in a minimalist setting, 2024 is set to be decked out in stylish window coverings—and interior design experts have some tips. 

French cafe curtains: While these curtains can look out of place in a more ‘busy’ setting, they can add elegance to minimalist kitchens and modern bathrooms.  

Sheer curtains: As more people turn to ‘softer’ window treatment options, sheers are once again becoming the preferred choice for living rooms—lending the space a certain ethereal quality. 

Vintage curtains: Celebrities have been setting trends for decades—and in 2024, Vanessa Hudgens is bringing vintage curtains back. Reminiscent of the iconic 70s interior design trends, the vintage curtains use retro color combinations such as yellow and rusty hues, and dark greens and browns.

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