Culture is the new Couture

Jun 22, 2021

Meet ‘Love, The Chans’. A company built on a mission to help infuse the love for diverse global cultures into homes through vibrant products and immersive experiences.

“The most exciting thing for us is to discover, build and connect a community who are lovers of global culture; “Our People” so to speak! A community of fun, adventurous and conscious global citizens who are hungry to discover, learn and share a love for all who live in this beautiful colorful world we call home.” Mirfie Chan, Founder & Chief Storyteller of LOVE, THE CHANS shared today while announcing that customers looking for their limited edition ‘Nura’ handbag are now able to purchase this exclusive beauty from their Artisanal Shop.

The Nura crossbody release marks the launch of one of 2 items made from this exclusive batik. Limited Edition Hand Drawn Batik Masks that are made with natural dye have also been released in their second capsule. Everyone within the business was excited at the launch:

When asked about The Nura Crossbody Mirfie said:

“First, it is important for us to share that our products and experiences are vehicles through which we hope to infuse a love for diverse global culture. Our goal is not to be a fashion house but rather to be a joyful hub created to help breathe diversity into our daily lives through the things we wear, eat, see and hear. We strive to bring beautiful products while creating opportunities for those in at risk communities such as the artisans. Although it is easier, cheaper and faster to work with factories, we have a stubborn commitment to work solely with the artisan community globally to help protect the longevity of the invaluable heritage they all represent.”

She adds, “Getting back to your question about our exclusive Nura bag, the fabric used is called “Batik Tulis” that translates to “Hand Drawn Batik” which is the most complex process in batik making. Depending on the design, colors and the fabric itself, it can take several months to complete. The intense patience, skill and passion needed, make it nearly impossible for a motif to be replicated. This is why Batik Tulis pieces are highly sought after by batik lovers and collectors. When we curated these exclusive fabrics, it was important for us to find a design that would showcase the incredible work of art by the artisans in Indonesia and to do justice to its resplendent beauty. The design on the brilliant red and navy batik is that of the mystical Pheonix, believed to bring peace, fortune, health and longevity. There are only a handful in the world of each of the motifs available, so this particular bag is a collectors item. Because we also give back locally and globally, The Nura is also for the person who values the stories behind things and shops with intention, purpose and meaning.”

Giving back to the community locally and globally is a key element to the business. “It would have felt incomplete had we not been able to accomplish this. Our dream is to build a community that is passionate about lifting each other up no matter where we are in the world. Our reach should therefore not be limited to our backyard. It is possible to care for communities in crisis at home as well as globally”. Part of proceeds from all items in the Cinta Collection from Indonesia, is donated to Uplift, an organization based in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin that seeks to support women and children in crisis in the USA. Globally, part of the proceeds from the Cinta Collection go to Connect Indonesia, a volunteer based organization that supports the artisanal community in Indonesia with skill development and tools to build a better livelihood for their families and communities. We hope you will find something something incredibly special for yourself or a loved one while feeling good about giving back at the same time.

Interested in purchasing this one of a kind work of art? Make ‘The Nura’ crossbody yours here:

Want to hear the story behind the brand? Watch the launch video of their first collection at

How did a health scare lead the founder to this new social entrepreneurship journey? Listen to the podcast interview on ThriveSpice at

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