Create Custom Apology Necklaces With Cubic Zirconia Stones & 18k Gold Plating

Sep 25, 2023

Do you want to show your loved ones how sorry you are but don’t have the right words to say? How about sending them a gift, instead? North Star Wishes has customizable apology necklaces that will really show them how you feel!

Sometimes, saying you're sorry isn't quite enough to show your remorse. This is especially true if your loved one's love language is gift-giving and time. Instead of apologizing repeatedly, why not send them a thoughtful present that they can wear to remind them of your love?

North Star Wishes' “I’m Sorry” collection features necklaces you can give your loved ones as an apology gift. Crafted with attention to detail, these necklaces feature Cubic Zirconia crystals on gold-plated surgical stainless steel, making them hypoallergenic and resistant to tarnish, even with daily wear.

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North Star Wishes even enables you to personalize the apology card with the recipient’s name. This small gesture increases the value of your gift and the sentiment behind it because implies that you have put more thought and effort into buying the present, making the receiver feel more loved and cherished.

The necklaces are available in two finishes: a 14K white gold or an 18K yellow gold, and пackaging options include a two-toned box or a more luxurious mahogany-style box with an LED spotlight. Once you input your desired name for the apology card and choose your necklace style, you can instantly see how your gift will look on the retailer's website.

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Among the online retailer's top-selling items is the "I Made A Big Mistake - I Hurt You I'm Sorry" necklace, which is accompanied by a heartfelt poem about love. Another favorite among customers is the “I’m Sorry Necklace - I Really Messed Up” which showcases two interlinked ovals highlighting a brilliant 6 mm round-cut cubic zirconia pendant embellished with pave-style stones. The necklace has an 18”-22” adjustable surgical stainless steel chain, securely fastened with a lobster clasp.

North Star Wishes is based in the US and can provide expedited shipping for domestic customers. The store also caters to an international clientele, shipping its products to several countries.

“We all make mistakes sometimes, and it's never easy to say sorry with the right words after hurting somebody you love. This is the perfect way to tell her you made a mistake, you're sorry and ask her forgiveness. This beautiful necklace comes with a sincere apology message card inside the box. Show her you are truly sorry with a message from the heart,” a representative said.

Gifts from North Star Wishes can be an effective way to apologize because they offer a tangible show of remorse that adds meaning to your words. The thought and effort behind a gift show your commitment to reconciling, emphasizing how important your relationship is with your loved one.

The online retailer's personalized gifts, in particular, demonstrate an appreciation for the recipient's preferences, showing your effort and true remorse. While this may not be enough to resolve your conflict, especially if it was a huge offense, it can make your loved one feel more open to conversation and dialogue, increasing the chances of fixing the problem and moving on from it.

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