Create Bespoke Aluminum Patio Awnings For Nassau, NY Barbecues & Family Events

Dec 1, 2021

If you’re looking for a truly bespoke awning design service for your outdoor patio space, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with Rainbow Awnings at +1-516-889-8301 today!

Custom awning design provides your family with the best protection from the sun when you’re enjoying the weather outdoors. You can create the perfect option for your patio space regardless of the time of year!

Following the latest expansion, you can get the quality installation you need for exterior awnings at any time of year. Rainbow Awnings is committed to providing safe, secure, and quality products at affordable prices.

Get your customized design at:

The full range of installation options following the latest move from the New York-based company includes aluminum awnings, Lexan awnings, retractable solutions, stationary residential setups, and screen awnings designed for year-round use.

One of the most popular services provided by the specialist team is their aluminum awning design. This provides you with a range of benefits, as they have distinct lines and are highly durable.

Aluminum awnings are also adaptable, and can be customized with decorative colors and numerous different trim options. You can create a comfortable space outdoors to deflect the sun, create shade, and shelter your family from the elements.

Awnings can be installed over a patio for barbecues and parties, or added to windows if you want to reduce the impact of the sun.

Unlike many other types of awnings, aluminum installations are low maintenance, and can be fully customizable. Because of the nature of the material, they can be made to any size depending on your needs.

Aluminum awnings from Rainbow Awnings provide you with an elegant, efficient setup for your yard. Firm supporting beams and braces ensure the awning will remain in place, even in bad weather.

Founded in 1989, the awning design and installation company prides itself on using the best quality materials, made within the USA. With a focus on getting the job completed correctly the first time, they carry out thorough inspections and only use the highest quality fabrication methods.

A spokesperson for the company states: “We provide a full range of creative services which include any type of awning materials, type of frame and design that we can apply to any of your ideas. In addition, we make sure you’re part of the design and development process through every stage of your project.”

Are you looking for the best local awning specialist to create your ideal outdoor space? Get in touch today!

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