Create A Custom Diamond Wedding Band When You Visit This Denver Jeweler

Mar 21, 2021

Kortz is now providing custom diamond wedding bands. Customers can submit their design ideas and work alongside the expert team to create a wedding band that is completely unique and original.

Design something that uniquely represents you and your spouse and wear a wedding band that you will love for a lifetime with the new custom diamond wedding bands at legendary Denver jewelers Kortz!

Kortz Originals, a jeweler based in Denver that works with customers to create unique, custom-made jewelry items, has launched custom diamond wedding bands.

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The exciting service gives you the opportunity to design a custom wedding band that is completely unique and original and designed according to your specifications and requirements. The company explains each custom diamond wedding band is crafted by fourth-generation jeweler Bob Kortz and a team of highly-trained craftsmen and women.

The customization service is provided for a number of metals, including 14kt and 18kt white gold, 14kt and 18kt yellow gold, and platinum. Countersketch, an online program that allows you to view and modify custom designs in real-time throughout the customization process, is used to create each design.

Using Countersketch, you will be able to view a 3D preview of the wedding band design and work alongside the jewelry team to make tweaks and alterations until you are happy with the final product. When a design has been agreed upon, you will receive a price estimate. The jewelers at Kortz will then create a wax mold of the ring, and finalize the piece according to the preview. The company can also locate rare and unique stones as part of the launch.

Kortz also offers a redesign service. They explain that this service enables you to “breathe new life” into well-loved family jewelry by making subtle alternations to the design, according to your specifications.

You can visit the website to begin the customization process. You will be required to input your details into a form and can upload inspiration photos of wedding bands that are similar to what you want to create. Consultations can take place online or in-person and are provided on a complimentary basis.

Kortz Originals is a fourth-generation, Denver-based jeweler that specializes in custom jewelry design. They work closely with customers to create hand-crafted custom jewelry items and specialize in helping their clients create timeless heirlooms for their loved ones. They are the oldest jewelry store in Colorado.

Are you ready to create a custom wedding band that uniquely represents your bond as a couple?

For more information on Kortz Originals and the launch of their custom diamond wedding bands visit

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