Costa Rica Winter Group Vacation Rainforest Villa For Up To 8 Friends & Family

Mar 5, 2024

At The Light of Dawn, you can experience the best that the Costa Rican rainforest has to offer, with space for up to 8 people in a stunning villa!

If you’ve never been to the rainforest in Costa Rica, you’re missing out on one of the real gems the world has to offer. But now The Light of Dawn Guest House has availability for group bookings – so hurry, before all the spaces get booked up!

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A rainforest paradise

The property has 225 acres of rainforest, with a private villa that sleeps up to 8 people, situated just 30 minutes from Quepos and close to local coffee farms, with an elevated position that offers picturesque views over the rainforest.

One recent visitor said: “Our vacation was so wonderful, we don't know which was better: the food Edgar cooked, going to Manuel Antonio and swimming in those bath water temperatures, hiking around the property, or meeting and visiting with Edgar and Clara.”

Bask in the warm weather

During the winter period, Costa Rica has an average daytime temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius, and the climate is warm and sunny - making it ideal for taking in the beautiful surroundings. The winter months are also part of Costa Rica's dry season, bringing low humidity and little chance of rain to interfere with tours and activities.

Manuel Antonio State Park is located just 12 miles from Light of Dawn and features white sand beaches, excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, and a lively town full of restaurants, shops, galleries, and nightlife venues. You will find monkeys, sloths, birds of many species and colors, butterflies, reptiles, plants, and trees of all kinds.

All the amenities you need

Light of Dawn comes equipped with modern amenities such as Sky TV and Wi-Fi, along with fresh tropical flowers arranged throughout the house. The staff will also offer fresh seasonal produce from the garden, such as bananas, spices, and yucca.

In addition to group vacations, Light of Dawn is also open for private honeymoon vacations for two. The owners explain that the intimacy of the villa and its romantic jungle surroundings are perfect if you’re looking for a secluded getaway.

See what visitors are raving about

A spokesperson states: “We take special care to make sure every one of your expectations are met. We want you to enjoy the rainforest and we partner with many local businesses to give our guests priority treatment when it comes to planning activities, outings, and excursions.”

The winter time is ideal for escaping to Costa Rica, so you can enjoy the lovely weather!

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