Coral Springs, FL: Proper Latch Relaxation & Massage Techniques for Moms!

Aug 25, 2023

Coral Springs, FL – Baby Wellness Massage – Marie-Josee Berard – 954-609-0831 – Helping moms with relaxation and massage techniques to ensure a proper latch. Lip and tongue tie identification available

Coral Springs Florida - ‘Baby Wellness Massage founder, Marie-Josee Berard, stands out for her pioneering work in bodywork techniques designed especially for infants with tongue-tie and lip-tie issues. Addressing the concerns of countless parents unsure about their baby's feeding challenges, Marie-Josee delves deep into a niche expertise—offering comprehensive tongue-tie and lip-tie preparation and bodywork therapy.

She offers specialized massage to help with tongue-tie release in infants. This isn’t just any massage; it’s a precise frenectomy prep that ensures a smoother, less traumatic experience for the baby when undergoing a frenotomy. This preparation extends to including "tummy time" - a crucial step in readying infants for the procedure.

As part of her holistic approach, Marie-Josee emphasizes the importance of mobilizing jaw and neck muscles for breastfeeding support. Many parents, previously unaware of conditions like tongue and lip ties in their newborns, find solace in Marie-Josee's relaxation and massage techniques, which aid in achieving a proper latch—a critical aspect of successful breastfeeding.

"I've met countless mothers saying, 'I have a problem breastfeeding, and I'm unsure why'," shares Marie-Josee. Through her sessions, she not only identifies tongue and lip tie conditions but also provides invaluable consultation, advice, and referrals to ensure that mothers and their babies experience the joys of breastfeeding without any hindrances.

For those still on the fence, or merely curious about the complexities of tongue-tie, lip-tie, and their correlation with breastfeeding challenges, Marie-Josee offers virtual consultations. This dedication to education, paired with her hands-on approach, sets her apart in a domain where many are still seeking clarity - see recent media coverage here -

Parents and guardians eager to understand more about these specialized services can reach out to Marie-Josee Berard through the official Baby Wellness Massage website or connect via email at [email protected]. She also maintains an active online presence through her Facebook and Instagram channels.

About -

Marie-Josée Bérard, owner of Baby Wellness Massage in Coral Springs, FL, is a highly experienced Certified Licensed Massage Therapist. Specializing in Newborn Infant Massage and Prenatal/Postpartum Massage, Marie-Josée's expertise extends to reflexology, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, and Jin Shin Do. Her passion lies in supporting families through education in prenatal and infant massage.

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