Boca Raton Pre-Natal Massage To Induce Labor & Promote Relaxation Before Birth

Apr 16, 2024

Boca Raton, FL – Baby Wellness Massage – Marie-Josee Berard – 954-609-0831 – Baby Wellness Massage’s induction massages can help you bring about birth naturally and protect you and your baby’s health and wellbeing.

Make sure your birth story is a wonderful one with Baby Wellness Massage and Marie-Josee Berard’s healing hands.

Boca Raton’s best pre-natal masseuse is now offering induction massages. Book yours at

Induction Massage For A Natural Labor

Marie-Josee Berard, the skilled and incredibly specialist pre-natal masseuse behind Baby Wellness Massage, is pleased to now be offering you a completely natural, safe, relaxing and chemical-free way to induce labor.

With her new induction massages, which she can offer in her massage studio or at your home, she believes she can create the right conditions for a smooth and natural birth.

Her induction massages last for an hour and a half and have been structured to offer you a nourishing and relaxing full-body experience, where Marie-Josee Berard will gently focus on pressure points that can naturally encourage contractions to take place.

Take Control Of Your Birth Plan

The massage is especially recommended to you if you are a first-time mother-to-be, you have passed your due date, or you want to follow a natural birth plan which avoids harsh chemicals and unnecessary medical interventions.

A spokesperson for Baby Wellness Massage said, “Induction massage is a gentle, non-invasive approach that aims to stimulate labor naturally. It can be a wonderful way to help your body transition into labor more smoothly and can also provide relief from common late-pregnancy discomforts such as backache, edema, and anxiety. Moreover, it can provide you with a calm, nurturing environment to relax and focus on the upcoming birth.”

Marie-Josee Berard’s techniques have also been shown to promote a more positive birth experience and postpartum recovery.

Pre-Natal Massage For Relaxation & Wellness

If you are not yet approaching your due date, you can benefit from her relaxing pre-natal massages and manual lymphatic drainage maternity sessions from the first day of your pregnancy. These restorative treatments can help to naturally relieve discomfort and reduce pain, including back and hip pain.

Marie-Josee Berard believes pre-natal massage can also help to reduce swelling, improve circulation, improve sleep quality and promote overall wellness for both you and your baby.

Baby Wellness Massage, Your Partner In Pregnancy Wellbeing

Marie-Josee Berard, the owner and head therapist at Baby Wellness Massage, has over 30 years of experience and is fully accredited as an FL Pre-Post Natal Massage CEU Provider. Her work in the sphere of pregnancy and baby massage has drawn national recognition.

Their spokesperson added, “A leader in her industry, Marie-Josee is sought out by top doctors, birth centers, hospitals, and schools to share her knowledge and expertise. Her talents serve companies including but not limited to Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies, Hyatt, Babies R Us, and Whole Foods.”

If you’re looking for a holistic and natural way to induce labor and ensure your and your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy and birth, visit

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