Contract Negotiation Program For Logistics Companies: Reduce Bills & Overheads

Mar 4, 2024

With Recession Resister, your logistics company can reduce your overheads, cut your bills and boost your profitability. Whether you’re in air, ground or maritime freight, this is a new partnership you’ll want to ship!

With Recession Resister’s overhead and bill-reducing contract negotiation program and technology, you can lower the cost of your bills and utilities by 15-30%... And the best part is, you won’t pay a cent unless you save!

Go to to see why Recession Resister has become the trusted cost-cutter of logistic companies across America. 

Become More Financially Sustainable

With margins particularly slim amongst logistics companies last year, and with global challenges like unrest in the Suez Canal contributing to worldwide delays, fuel increases and more, Recession Resister understands that the outlook for 2024 in logistics is similarly challenging. 

That’s why they are committed to reducing your financial pressures and reducing some of the costs you can control, like:

  • electricity,
  • gas,
  • water,
  • waste,
  • telecommunications including phone and internet,
  • security,
  • payroll,
  • pest control, and more. 

Benefit From Bill Negotiation & Bill Auditing

The expert expense managers and contract negotiators at Recession Resister are confident that they can secure better rates for almost all of your basic utilities and bills, allowing you to free up vital funds for reinvestment, for savings, and to boost profits. 

In addition to finding you a better rate and better provisions for your utilities, Recession Resister will also take a fine-tooth comb to your prior bills and audit years’ worth of charges, ensuring that any error in your favor is pursued and reimbursed. 

Become Energy Efficient & Further Lower Your Overheads

Recession Resister is also partnered with several energy efficiency innovation companies and can make meaningful reductions to your core electrical expenses by upgrading your technology, including for HVAC systems and walk-in coolers and freezers if you work in the food and beverage industries. 

No-Save, No-Pay... That’s A Promise!

Plus, the expense management firm works on a no-save, no-pay promise, which means they will only deduct their fee from the savings they bring you.

A spokesperson for Recession Resister said, “There’s no fee to begin our services. For most bill categories, we’ll go to work negotiating on your behalf and split 50% of the savings with you when we successfully lower your bills. And if we find that you’re already on a great plan and we can’t save you money, you pay us nothing. Now that’s peace of mind!”

While you manage the stress of the logistics landscape in 2024, let Recession Resister take care of all your bills. Visit to start saving today.

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