Confirm Business Idea Viability With This Product-Market Fit Validation Program

Dec 16, 2022

How confident are you about that startup idea of yours? IdeaPros’ entrepreneurship programs can help you find out if you’ve got the next unicorn.

Confirm Business Idea Viability With This Product-Market Fit Validation Program

Believe it or not, the biggest cause of startup failure is not poor cash flow, but the absence of a viable product. In a recent survey of failed startups, 56% of respondents said that a lack of “product-market fit” killed their businesses.

The good news is you don’t have to add to that statistic.

IdeaPros, a business education provider, includes product or idea validation in its entrepreneurship programs. Your Idea will be evaluated by the company’s founders, who themselves are either serial startup entrepreneurs or C-level executives.

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According to the company, this offering was introduced to fill a gap in the market for a platform where business concepts can be validated. “If you think you have a million-dollar idea, the only way to see if your hunch is right is, of course, to do some extensive surveys and A and B testing,” a company spokesperson said. “But even that does not guarantee success.”

IdeaPros currently offers two mentorship pathways, both guaranteeing interaction with its team of mentors. “If your idea manages to impress, one pathway will even allow you to launch your product with the IdeaPros team,” the spokesperson added.

The company currently has two online courses, which offer a systematized approach to launching a business: the foundational Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Course and the Business Starter Pack, a longer course dealing with more specialized subjects.

In addition to a slew of reading materials and pitch deck templates, both options come with a consulting session with an IdeaPros mentor, who can offer their thoughts about the viability of your idea.

The second pathway involves pitching an idea to the entire team in a series of panel interviews. This process involves a thorough review of your idea and your ability to lead a new company.

The entire review process will take about 30 days, and the result will be the formation of a go-to-market strategy and a launch team whose task is to take the product to a nationwide launch. “The experience you’ll gain from this pitch is not something that even top business schools can replicate,” the spokesperson said. “It will give you an unfair advantage in your chosen market.”

IdeaPros’ entrepreneurship programs have already resulted in the successful launch of numerous startup companies in industries such as application development, food, and consumer products.

So you want to know if you’ve actually got a unicorn? Then get in touch with the IdeaPros team today!

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