Companies In Newark NJ Can Improve Diverse Hiring With This Inclusive Job Board

Aug 9, 2023

If you’re a company leader in Newark, NJ looking to improve diversity within your workplace, inclusive job board network WorkplaceDiversity is the best place to start.

In today’s world, stipulating your DEI goals and leaving it at that is not enough. Research reveals Millennial and Gen Z professionals will avoid companies that are not dedicated to DEI, and this not only impacts companies' recruitment efforts, but it also puts companies at a competitive disadvantage.

Company leaders and HR managers in Newark looking to change their recruitment strategies to attract a more diverse pool of talent can turn to this inclusive job board network, WorkplaceDiversity.

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When your business is part of a melting pot of populations, it’s vital you build and retain a workforce that reflects these populations. It’s equally important to create a workplace environment where talent from diverse backgrounds feel safe, respected, and accepted, and will, therefore, be happy to be a part of. WorkplaceDiversity offers a centralized platform where you can achieve these goals.

“The spotlight on DEI in Newark and throughout the US is significant, and that’s a good thing,” Michele Kardux Vice President of WorkplaceDiversity. “But while this initiative is at the forefront of many company value statements, not every business owner or HR leader knows how to attract talent from different populations. That’s where we come in.”

Attracting and retaining top talent is every company’s biggest challenge since the Great Resignation in 2021. And while this massive disruption in workplace turnover has since settled, more and more companies are striving to put meaningful policies into place to build, retain, and sustain rich and diverse workplace cultures.

With a range of posting packages, WorkplaceDiversity offers you a world of opportunities to showcase your commitment to DEI while optimizing your recruitment processes. From basic packages that present your company logo, contact information, website, video, and social media pages to a choice of options that include spotlights, top-of-page features, and sponsorships, with WorkplaceDiversity, you can extend your reach, enhance your visibility, and bolster your image among a wider, more diverse audience.

For job seekers, the platform provides a user-friendly interface that makes searches for specific job roles, in specific locations, at companies like yours simple. Additionally, the platform offers refined search options that include position type, experience level, and even salary - something to bear in mind when formulating your job posts.

More than ever, today’s talent is weighing a potential employer’s commitment to DEI just as equally as salary and other priorities when evaluating a new position. Many companies understand this and want to improve their recruitment practices. Inclusive job board WorkplaceDiversity gives you the opportunity to improve your DEI initiatives so you can build the creative, high-performing, rich, and diverse workplace you envision.

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