Colorado Springs Mindset Coaching Helps New CEOs Succeed In Professional Life

Apr 19, 2024

Baz Porter, Colorado Springs’ most renowned business, life and mindset mentor, high-performance executive coaching service is helping new CEOs like you reach new heights of professional and personal success.

Whether you’re fighting professional burnout, want to bring your professional and personal life into greater synergy, or are looking to live with greater purpose, Baz Porter is confident his new executive coaching service for new CEOs will help you live a life of unparalleled success and passion.

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Coaching For Professional & Personal Success

As a former CEO himself, Baz Porter understands that executive jobs come with unique challenges, and he is pleased to be bringing you a holistic business and life coaching service that will help you meet both the personal and professional demands of the position.

Baz Porter appreciates that, as a new CEO, you likely face a myriad of challenges, from establishing your leadership, implementing your vision, navigating complex office politics, inspiring your talent, and more. He has also seen, as Forbes and Deloitte recently reported, that executive burnout is currently at its highest rate in years, with 81% of executives reporting problems with overworking, losing their work-life balance, and more.

That’s why with his new life and mindset coaching service, he will focus on helping you to meet the demands of your new job with greater ease and to recalibrate your lifestyle more holistically to ensure that you have a better quality of life.

Reach New Career Heights & Find Fulfillment

As both an experienced CEO and business coach, Baz Porter is confident he can bring you an insider’s perspective into managing the stressors of life as a CEO and helping you find a more synergistic balance so that your professional and personal passions and aspirations align.

Baz calls this new service R.A.M.S. High-Performance Executive Coaching™, and this personalized one-on-one coaching service has been developed to help you fuel success in all aspects of your life.

Baz himself stated, “I’ve empowered numerous entrepreneurs to elevate their businesses beyond the milestones of 6, 7, and 8 figures. Beyond mere financial achievements, my approach ensures that their success is deeply intertwined with personal fulfillment, aligning with their core values and enabling a life of balance and harmony. This holistic perspective on growth and prosperity defines the essence of my brand.”

Praise For Baz Porter’s Life & Mindset Coaching Service

One happy client of Baz’s, the CEO of Senergy Medical Group, said, “Baz is a straight shooter with great advice from years of experience and successes. He is easy to open up to and has a calming, sincere, yet confident approach to business and life.”

Baz Porter’s coaching services have been featured and praised widely, including by Forbes, Yahoo Finance, NBC, Entrepreneur, Medium, and more. 

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