Business & Mindset Strategy Mentoring In Colorado To Find Passion & Purpose

Feb 23, 2024

Colorado’s best business coach, Baz Porter, has a new mindset strategy mentoring service that will help you unlock new heights of growth, prosperity, happiness and success.

With Baz Porter, professional and personal success will be available to you at a level beyond your wildest dreams. Colorado’s biggest name in high-performance coaching has a new business and mindset strategy mentoring service that will help you transform every facet of your life.

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360-Degree High-Performance Business Coaching

Baz Porter’s new strategy mentoring services are a high-performance and 360-degree approach to coaching that is designed to help you both meet and exceed your professional, business and financial goals and to create the same incredible level of holistic success in your personal life.

A Choice For More Happiness & Success

Baz has launched his new mentoring service, which integrates both business and life coaching, in response to a recent study conducted by MIT and published in the Journal of Happiness Studies. This large-scale study of over 1 million people found that rather than success eliciting happiness, it is happiness that augurs greater success. 

As the study showcased, happy people were both more likely to emerge as leaders, perform to a higher standard, and to enjoy professional benefits like greater creativity and motivation and better connections with colleagues and clients. 

In his decades spent working as a business coach with some of Colorado’s biggest names across industries and professions, Baz has seen that happiness is the cornerstone of everything, and he is confident he can bring you this kind of joy and success.

Find Your Personal & Professional Passion & Purpose

With his new mindset strategy mentoring, Baz Porter will focus on getting you to find your passion and life purpose—both inside of and beyond your working life. He will also help you develop a better work-life balance so that you can better fill your cup and find new sources of motivation and inspiration. 

One of Baz’s biggest new focuses is also on helping you to build a meaningful legacy. He believes this is an incisive way to help you work backward from your ultimate goals and wishes—both professional and personal—to the steps you can take today to start creating that legacy. 

Praise For Baz Porter

Sharon Lechter, a bestselling author, well-known keynote speaker and business strategist, said of Baz’s high-performance mentoring, “Working with Baz Porter was a revelation. His coaching techniques brought clarity to my professional journey and enriched my personal life. Baz has an innate ability to tap one’s core, guiding with wisdom and genuine care. I’ve never felt more aligned with my goals and purpose. Thank you, Baz, for being a beacon of change.” 

Scott Tenant, the CEO at Senergy Medical Group, said, “Baz is a straight shooter with great advice from years of experiences and successes. He is easy to open up to and has a calming, sincere, yet confident approach to business and life.” 

Baz Porter’s coaching and mentoring services have been commended widely, including on Medium, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, NBC, Apple and Entrepreneur magazine. 

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