Colorado Exclusive Buyers Agents provide new Housing Market Price Trends Report

Jun 3, 2023

The Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association has released a report and podcast about the changing real estate market and the effect of decreasing price trends in 2023 in certain cities and towns in Colorado.

The association publishes weekly podcast summaries that especially pertain to investors who may wish to buy in Colorado. Exclusive buyer-side agents and buyer agent specialists can help aspiring homeowners make better offers and close faster. A recent Vestera real estate radio show is dedicated to this topic.

Interested parties can find out more at

This announcement comes at a time when the housing market in Colorado is seeing fewer bidding wars. Longer time on market indicates that sellers need to be patient and more willing to negotiate. The Colorado Exclusive Buyers Association believes that dedicated buyers agents can play a crucial role in making the homeownership process smoother for first-time homebuyers and investors.

Real estate pricing, availability, and investment potential are influenced by several factors. Items that have an impact on residential and commercial real estate pricing trends include: affordability, location, and the employment market.

The Home Buyers Colorado Association website is operated by Skyfor, Inc., formed in 1998 to provide real estate consumer education and services. The association is dedicated to giving potential homebuyers access to the best real estate agents and the resources to select them. Homebuyers can now search for the top buyers' agents for any location within the state of Colorado.

Consumers and their staff periodically rate and review their agents. The national site, National Buyers Agents Association, is also managed by Skyfor, also offers buyers hand-selected agents for any location in the US.

A spokesperson for the association said: "If you're trying to invest or develop, engaging a top buyer's agent could save you time and money. To find good deals on homes in this declining market, a highly specialized agent who is 100% devoted to buyers is essential. A trustworthy real estate agent is needed now more than ever. A good buyers agent will partner with their client to guide and protect them so they will not overpay in this changing market."

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