Colorado Business Owners Can Get Financial Aid Planning At Top Admissions Expert

Oct 15, 2022

You should know: running a profitable business doesn’t disqualify you from getting student aid. Attend a College Planning Experts workshop today and discover all your options.

Colorado Business Owners Can Get Financial Aid Planning At Top Admissions Expert

Are you planning to skip the FAFSA because your family is making higher than average? Don’t make this mistake.

Before you do anything drastic, consult with College Planning Experts first.

The acclaimed advisory firm is now offering its services to individuals and families in Colorado who want to apply for college aid for the 2023-2024 school year. In particular, it wants to reach out to business owners who are hesitant about applying for aid owing to their net worth.

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According to the company, many high-income earners lose out on potential student aid owing to the belief that their net worth makes them ineligible. It explained that the US Department of Education had clarified that an income threshold does not exist and that income is not the sole basis for its decision-making.

“Getting into the perfect college for you is expensive. Really expensive,” College Planning Experts stated on its website. “Costs for a 4-year education can range anywhere from $80,000 to $250,000. Without help, the challenge of getting into and paying for college can seem overwhelming.”

The company offers a thorough financial aid form preparation service, where it works with you or your child to ensure that your Expected Family Contribution is minimized.

This can be done legally through a number of reporting strategies, such as identifying non-reportable assets, contributing to a retirement account, and refraining from overestimating your income, among other means.

On top of financial aid planning, the company can assist you in the various stages of the admissions process. This service includes identifying the right college for your or your child’s career goals and preparing required documents, such as personal statements and letters of recommendation.

Since its establishment in 2004, College Planning Experts has helped thousands of students from various backgrounds obtain financial support for their college education.

“When we were preparing to send our daughter off to college, everything was a whirlwind. Between selecting a college and all the paperwork, we were a little overwhelmed. Brian and the team made it effortless and make sure that everything was in order and on time,” a former client stated in their Google review.

To get an idea of College Planning Experts’ full capabilities, attend a free workshop or one-on-one assessment.

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