College Prep For Girls’ Project Girl Genius helps at-risk girls get into college

Mar 12, 2019

College Prep For Girls prepares to launch Project Girl Genius, free college counseling in Los Angeles for at-risk girls, July 2019. Visit

  • college prep for girls project girl genius helps at risk girls get into college
  • college prep for girls project girl genius helps at risk girls get into college
  • college prep for girls project girl genius helps at risk girls get into college
  • college prep for girls project girl genius helps at risk girls get into college

College Prep For Girls announced today the official launch date of its non-profit collaborative Project Girl Genius. Project Girl Genius is a free college admissions consulting program to help at-risk high school girls from underserved communities get into Ivy League institutions and equally competitive colleges and universities. Project Girl Genius is slated to launch July 1, 2019.

Those familiar with traditional paid college admissions consulting services should expect College Prep For Girls to once again deviate from the norm not only by offering a free college readiness program to girls from under resourced communities, but also by providing additional benefits to all who support Project Girl Genius’ non-profit mission of empowering the genius in every girl through education. College Prep For Girls’ Project Girl Genius is a unique social impact program that both fans and critics of independent college counseling services will support.

One element of the private college preparation industry that can make some parents feel uneasy is the perceived advantage private college prep high schools and independent college admissions consulting agencies provide to students who come from middle to high income households. Through Project Girl Genius, College Prep For Girls empowers parents to secure the college prep services they need for their child while simultaneously sponsoring identical college preparation services for an at-risk student in a low-income community.

Similar to matching funds programs found throughout the non-profit community, Project Girl Genius allows a College Prep For Girls family to sponsor an at-risk student by paying a portion of the fees for college admissions consulting, college essay writing assistance, SAT test prep, private tutoring for AP courses, summer programs for high school students, and youth leadership training. College Prep For Girls will match the fees paid by sponsoring families so at-risk students can receive the services they need free of charge to compete for college admissions at prestigious universities, such as Duke, Yale, UCLA, USC, and Wake Forest.

Another benefit of Project Girl Genius is that it will teach girls the importance of standing in support of other girls.

“Girls are often encouraged to compete with each other in everything – as if there is only room for one. The concept of sponsorship, opening doors of opportunity for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to gain access, is not as common among our youth. Project Girl Genius positions students in well-funded schools to offer peer education – tutoring and essay writing critique – online to at-risk girls in under resourced schools. It’s a great chance to demonstrate the power of girls standing for girls,” said College Prep For Girls Cofounder Reet Alexander.

Finally, a third advantage of Project Girl Genius is that it allows education advocates – community leaders, for profit corporations, and private foundations – to sponsor at-risk students for the College Prep For Girls summer leadership camp. During the seven day, overnight summer program, students receive assistance with advance placement (AP) coursework, SAT test prep, college essay writing, extracurricular activities selection, focused volunteerism, and youth leadership training.

Camp participants also have the option to take yoga, dance, theater, film, and culinary arts classes in the afternoon. Education advocates can sponsor one student or a group of students for the summer leadership camp. Sponsorship covers accommodations, food, travel, classroom instruction, and social outings for each student.

Project Girl Genius has been in development since College Prep For Girls opened its doors. The sponsorship model works well with parents and other stakeholders since it directly impacts the lives of at-risk girls in a profound and lasting way. College Prep For Girls will match every sponsorship dollar so that at-risk girls can receive the resources they need to get in and succeed in college.

Alexander added, “With Project Girl Genius, parents can feel great about the college admissions services they secure for their child while simultaneously helping an at-risk youth get the college prep she needs to get into college. Education advocates can turn summer into a season of learning for students from under resourced schools by sending them to our youth leadership camp. In addition, young girls learn the importance of standing in support of and sponsoring – not always competing with – other girls through online peer education. Project Girl Genius does so much good on so many levels and that makes us proud.”

For more information about College Prep For Girls’ Project Girl Genius, please visit or call the Los Angeles office at 310.774.0351.

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