College Planner Helps Black Students In Chicago To Qualify For Pell Grant

Oct 11, 2022

If you’re a high school graduate in Chicago who’s struggling to afford a university degree, College Planning Experts (+1-818-201-4847) can help you apply for the Pell Grant.

College Planner Helps Black Students In Chicago To Qualify For Pell Grant

A college degree is supposed to be your ticket to a better future. The catch? University matriculation is very expensive. Don’t fret, though, as College Planning Experts can help you qualify for the Pell Grant.

The company’s service is geared specifically toward African-American students who need financial assistance to attend college. The company emphasizes that a TOEFL certificate is not required if you are a US citizen.

To learn more, attend a free college planning workshop now:

If you take advantage of this service, you can receive up to $6,495 per year in assistance. You are also not required to pay back any scholarship money you receive from the Pell Grant.

According to data from the US Census Bureau, while 88% of African-Americans have a high school diploma, only 26% have a bachelor’s degree — much lower than the national average of 36%. The rising cost of university education has become a stumbling block for people of color, many of whom come from underprivileged families.

To help bridge this gap, College Planning Experts gives you access to scholarship programs such as the Pell Grant. Over the years, the company has helped over 5,000 clients get the funding they need to earn a university degree.

As part of its service, College Planning Experts will thoroughly explain all the qualification criteria for the Pell Grant to you. It will also assist you with filling out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to maximize your chances of approval. You will also be given advice on which schools to attend based on your desired degree.

You can request a consultation to better understand the Pell Grant application process. You may also attend the company’s various workshops to learn about other scholarship opportunities.

College Planning Experts believes that education can unlock better opportunities and a brighter future. As such, it assists students in applying and qualifying for various university scholarships. The company was founded 17 years ago by Brian Safdari, a first-generation college student who has made attainable tertiary education a personal advocacy.

Safdari says: “We help families realize their dream of having a child get accepted to their dream school, and having that child graduate from college on time and with the least amount of debt possible.”

Earning a degree is never easy, especially if you’re financially disadvantaged. Fortunately, College Planning Experts is here to offer much-needed advice. Get in touch today!

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