Coleraine PVC Windows: 3 Vital Tips to Hiring a Reputable Window Installer

Jun 29, 2016

PVC Windows Coleraine educates consumers on “3 Vital Tips to Hiring a Reputable Window Installer” in a short video on this vital topic. Consumers will be better able to protect themselves from disreputable window firms while ensuring that they get maximum value for money.

Coleraine, Northern Ireland: PVC Windows Coleraine have released a short video to help consumers choose a reputable double glazing installer, highlighting 3 vital tips to aid the hiring process.

Click here to view the video: In this short video,

Northern Ireland residents are warned to make sure that their window installer has adequate insurance before starting any work on their property. They should also ask about the quality of the materials as well as the terms of the installer's written guarantee. Thirdly, consumers should insist on seeing testimonials or reviews on the installer's work.

Jerry Kuzma from Honest Local Business Reviews adds, "A quality PVC window installer should be more than happy to have you investigate his business, as a reputable business would have nothing to hide from consumers."

TV programs in the past twelve months have highlighted the need for consumers to beware of installers' suspicious claims and lack of proper paperwork. The result is that homeowners are becoming better educated as to the safest and most reliable ways of finding and hiring double glazing installers in Coleraine and other towns in Northern Ireland.

As the investment in replacement windows is signifcant, consumber are advised to take time to thoroughly examine any estimates that they receive from pvc window companies. The wording and terms of the estimate should be clear and easy to read. It is also vital to know exactly when the monies are to be paid in relation to the installation of the windows that have been ordered.

After the installation is complete, consumers should make sure that all of the installed windows function properly and close completely, in order to eliminate any drafts coming through the new windows.

For an immediate quote on new or replacement windows for homes in the Northern Ireland area, homeowners can submit a request here:

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