Coaching Program For Consultants: Marketing & Networking Techniques For Growth

Jul 31, 2023

Award-winning consultant and business coach Jeanne Omlor has built one of the best and most powerful programs for aspiring course sellers, and it is now open for new members.

Do you dream of a successful business career, but are unable to push through the roadblocks holding you back? The truth is that, no matter how hard you wish for success, unless you take direct action, you will never achieve your full potential.

Jeanne Omlor knew this all too well when she started her business career. The same mental barriers that keep the artist from their canvas and the musician from their instrument also keep the aspiring entrepreneur from achieving their business goals.

However, unlike 99% of people who dream of owning their own business, Jeanne reached out and seized the success that she craved. Now, she is sharing the mindset techniques and growth secrets that helped her build a seven-figure consulting business with you in her new Business Success Accelerator course.

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The program will introduce you to networking methods while also encouraging a future-focused mindset. Jeanne offers a varied and comprehensive program that includes both group sessions with aspiring entrepreneurs, and one-on-one coaching via video calls.

This program is ideal if you are seeking to enter the coaching or course-selling industries, suited broadly to those looking to monetize their knowledge through various forms of consulting. Jeanne begins her program at the ground level and provides guidance as you establish your client base and scale continuously as the 8-week program progresses.

Participants in earlier versions of the program have lauded Jeanne’s teaching style, which combines a positive outlook with a realistic and utilitarian goal-setting system. In this way, she invites beginners to enter the industry in a safe environment without fear of failure, while also providing support from both the peer group and her own coaching.

One happy client stated the following in their review, “If you have not tried mindset coaching, you need to. When we are no longer struggling with our personal demons, we can knock it out of the park. I was able to coach myself into a place where I truly believed in the success of my program, and my business grew every time as a result.”

The Business Success Accelerator 2 seeks to help you clarify your initial intentions in the industry, to design offers that appeal to entry-level clients, and to utilize the latest SEO strategies to build a program that can succeed without an ad budget. She has succeeded in helping many of her clients build 4 and 5-digit programs using this method.

No other business success program draws more directly from contemporary and actionable experience. It is continuously updated as best practices change, and will help you establish the foundations of future growth.

Jeanne developed the methods she teaches in this program over the course of an explosive consulting career which saw her managing clients on Wall Street and elsewhere. She won awards for these programs, and is now passing the methods that drove this success onto her clients in the interest of giving back.

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