Coaching From Hypnotherapist: Overcome Emotional Eating & Build Confidence

Nov 10, 2023

Are you ready to overcome unhealthy eating patterns and build the confidence you deserve? Sasha Carrion, a certified hypnotherapist, has a new masterclass that can help you let go of past trauma, lose weight, and open yourself to real love.

Do you find yourself often triggered by stress and turning to food for comfort? Emotional eating can feel like an impossible habit to break. But there is hope!

Sasha Carrion's new masterclass is designed for single women who want to finally leave their trauma, over-eating, and low self-confidence behind for a new, healthier, sexier future.

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Stop Letting Your Trauma Control You

According to Sasha, over-eating and emotional eating are closely linked with holding onto past trauma. Using the tenets of hypnotherapy, her masterclass works to teach students how to eliminate food obsessions and conquer impulse cravings, while simultaneously building self-confidence and self-love.

Past trauma can create feelings of shame, guilt, panic, and hopelessness. In a randomized controlled trial published by the National Library of Medicine, depressed participants who also engaged in binge eating were twice as likely to have PTSD or a history of sexual trauma than those who did not struggle with binge eating.

As Sasha explains, unhealed past trauma can lead to low self-esteem and excessive worry, both of which feed the cycle of binge eating and self-destructive behaviors. Her masterclass aims to address the root causes of women's negative thought patterns and behaviors in order to nurture a future of food freedom and love.

Re-enter the Dating Scene with Confidence, Get Ready for Love

If you've struggled with trust issues, dating fears, and chronic emotional stress, Sasha's new masterclass was designed for you. Sasha Carrion is a hypnotherapist who was certified by HMI, the first nationally accredited hypnosis college in the United States. She also trained with the Omni Hypnosis Training Center.

With this masterclass, Sasha hopes to teach you three steps to overcome years of past trauma, "cultivate a state of flourishing love", and prepare your mind and body to embrace love.

Part of the training you can expect in this course revolves around combating over-eating. More specifically, you will learn how to implement a "craving-disarming method".

You will also learn practical techniques for confidently re-entering the dating scene and not letting your anxieties or fears control you, preparing you to fully receive love when it appears.

About Sasha Carrion

Sasha Carrion first came to hypnotherapy when trying to overcome her own past trauma, and successfully doing so. She is now a certified Mind Coach and Hypnotherapist, as well as a certified HypnoAnesthesia Specialist and Certified Weight Control Specialist. Originally from Torrance, Sasha is the owner of Heal Yourself L.A., a top Hypnotherapy office in Los Angeles.

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