CircuitIQ is not New, but Saves Time and Lives for Homeowners and Electricians

Jun 28, 2023

Co-founder and CEO Luke Begley came up with the idea for CircuitIQ after a close call when a dime got lodged between a wall outlet and a phone charger in his home.

Innovative technology emerges once again from Waterloo Region, known for its history with the iconic Blackberry, Desire2Learn, and Aeryon Labs. Kitchener proudly welcomes CircuitIQ as its latest resident. Founded by CEO Luke Begley, CircuitIQ was born out of a close call he experienced when a dime became lodged between a wall outlet and a phone charger in his own home. Recognizing the need for a more comprehensive solution, Begley claimed, "We must implement a detailed mapping plan," after identifying and switching off a mislabeled switch at the panel. This pivotal moment sparked the inception of CircuitIQ.

CircuitIQ revolutionizes the lives of electricians and homeowners alike with its groundbreaking product. Their power mappers, combined with an intuitive app, streamline the entire process of circuit identification and panel labeling, offering unparalleled convenience. Discover their remarkable product at Mike Cripps, the Director of Customer Success, has successfully utilized CircuitIQ to map circuits spanning over 1.1 million square feet of buildings.

The core of CircuitIQ's technology lies in its individual units called power mappers. By simply plugging these units into outlets, users can effortlessly identify circuits. The versatility of CircuitIQ's app enables seamless integration with any number of electrical panels, accommodating diverse needs. Furthermore, the system supports attachments for mapping additional components such as lightbulbs, as well as high-powered outlets for appliances like dryers and stoves. The plug-and-play nature of this innovative solution ensures remarkable ease and efficiency of use.

Beyond the convenience it offers, CircuitIQ's circuit mapping empowers homeowners with enhanced safety. Accurate and up-to-date information about a home's circuit breaker panel is crucial during emergencies when it becomes necessary to switch off the breaker. By knowing the precise paths of circuits, potential issues can be detected and addressed proactively.

CircuitIQ, the innovative company revolutionizing circuit mapping, has received recognition and support within the industry. The company was awarded a prestigious $250,000 grant from the Sudbury Catalyst fund, acknowledging the transformative potential of CircuitIQ's technology. Additionally, CircuitIQ emerged as a pitch winner at Pitch 2022, a renowned event hosted by NORCAT. The company has also been a proud member of the AcceleratorCentre JumpStart program, further solidifying its commitment to growth and innovation.

Testimonials from satisfied users demonstrate the value and impact of CircuitIQ's solution. Pablo S. from Middletown, NY, enthusiastically shares his experience, stating, "You cut my time in half, and not only that, I was able to tell the customer, 'Listen, there's 15 outlets or 25 outlets on the circuit, and that's part of your problem...'." Justin M. from Kitchener, ON, wholeheartedly recommends CircuitIQ to fellow electricians facing similar challenges, affirming, "It's an investment that pays off, and you won't regret it!"

These testimonials reflect the widespread positive feedback and tangible benefits that CircuitIQ delivers to professionals in the electrical industry. The endorsement from industry experts and satisfied customers reinforces the efficiency, time-saving capabilities, and improved customer communication that CircuitIQ's technology offers.

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