Choosing the Right Underwear & Fitness Shorts Will Get you Better Gains

May 31, 2023

Choosing the right men’s underwear and fitness shorts impacts fitness goals, gains, and results. Comfort, appearance, and fit/construction are the most important elements to think about.

Wearing the right underwear and fitness shorts can help you achieve better workouts in a few different ways. First, the right type of underwear can help prevent chafing and discomfort during physical activity. For example, moisture-wicking fabrics can help keep you dry and comfortable by pulling sweat away from your skin. Additionally, underwear that is designed specifically for athletic use can have features such as flatlock seams and a snug fit to reduce rubbing and irritation. Retailer INVI has written a report specifically around the conversation:

Similarly, fitness shorts that are designed for physical activity can also help keep you comfortable and improve your performance. For example, shorts that have built-in compression can help support your muscles and reduce fatigue during intense exercise. Additionally, shorts with a comfortable fit and flexibility can help you move more freely and comfortably during your workout.

In addition to that it will also have a psychological impact on you, if you wear clothes that feel good and make you feel comfortable, you will be more likely to enjoy your workout, and may be motivated to push yourself harder and achieve better results.

Underwear is even more personal because it resides closest to the skin. Choosing the right fabrics can make a large difference in how comfortable and easily you move. Plus, when you take those shorts off, you want to see all the results of what you have been working so hard to achieve. Great looking, comfortable underwear will make a noticeable difference in your mindset.

"Tight or ill-fitting underwear can be distracting and uncomfortable, making it difficult to focus on exercise." says Ken Dickison, INVI representative. "The shape and fit make a big difference too. Where they hit on the waist and how well they support affect your performance."

Overall, the right underwear and fitness shorts can help keep you comfortable and reduce distractions during your workout, which can help you focus on your performance and achieve better results.

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