Chickasaw Gardens Oriental Silk Rug Experts Use MicroSeal To Protect Color!

Apr 11, 2024

If you want to make sure your beautiful rug stands the test of time, River City Rug Cleaning (+1 901 341 7847) offers color treatments and cleaning services for silk or wool oriental rugs throughout Chickasaw Gardens and all of Memphis.

Your gorgeous Turkish or Kashmiri rug isn't just a pretty part of your home decor - it's also a valuable investment for the future. To help you make sure your rugs stay in top shape, River City Rug Cleaning offers a full range of cleaning and protection techniques.

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The company's professional rug cleaning services include an initial inspection, hand cleaning, dusting, and advanced color protection treatments.

With coverage across the Memphis area, the oriental rug cleaning and maintenance solutions are part of the company’s commitment to providing you with high-end services for your valuable wool or silk rugs.

Protect Your Investment

A recent report from Forbes shows that oriental rugs are more than just attractive furnishings in a home, as they can also increase significantly in value over time and function as a valuable investment. With years of experience in preserving and caring for rugs of all types, the team at River City Rug Cleaning is equipped to help you get the most out of these beautiful items.

“No matter what part of the world your rug comes from, we have the correct cleaning solutions,” says a spokesperson. “Our detail-oriented team gives you a professional cleaning and close attention to detail at an affordable price.”

Identify Issues

The rug cleaning process starts with a close inspection to identify any pre-existing issues, such as pet urine spots, odors, color bleed, excessive wear, fringe damage, backing breakdown, or binding damage.

Once the cleaning and correction process has been approved by you, the team proceeds with a hand cleaning and dusting. If desired, they will apply MicroSeal Fabric Protection to guard your silk or wool rugs from fading due to sun exposure, wine spills or other spots, dirt, and other pollutants.

Conserve Color

The company explains that a single application of MicroSeal lasts for a long period of time, as it penetrates rug fibers to give a high level of protection without changing the color or texture. It is also non-toxic, non-allergenic, and biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly option for your home.

Previous customers have positive reviews for River City Rug Cleaning. “Our interior designer recommended River City Rug Cleaning after our recent remodel,” says Melissa B. “Stacy and his crew used MicroSeal to protect our new rugs along with some of our upholstered pieces, and we’ve been incredibly pleased with their services. I highly recommend this company and will continue to work with them in the future.”

Don't risk damage to your beautiful rugs - reach out to the team at River City Rug Cleaning today!

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