Cherry Hill ADHD Outpatient Treatment Program With Individual & Group Therapy

Oct 4, 2023

Is ADHD taking over your life? Renewed Light (+1-866-485-0905) offers an outpatient treatment program that can help you focus your mind.

In-patient treatment for ADHD is not for everyone. That’s why Renewed Light offers an outpatient program that’s the perfect alternative.

Through this program, you can get comprehensive treatment for your condition without disrupting your daily life. You will be treated by licensed master clinicians, who are supported by highly experienced nurse practitioners.

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ADHD, a condition characterized by symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, can significantly impact your quality of life. Recognizing the critical need for accessible care, Renewed Light has developed an outpatient program with a holistic approach to treatment.

With this ADHD program, you have the advantage of seamlessly integrating your treatment into your established daily routine. This means that you can undergo therapy, counseling, and other essential interventions without any disruption to your work, educational pursuits, or personal commitments.

Treatment begins with a thorough evaluation of your condition, conducted by a team of experienced healthcare professionals who specialize in ADHD. This assessment delves into your specific challenges and strengths, and verifies the presence of co-occurring conditions like depression.

A cornerstone of the facility’s treatment approach is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and behavior modification techniques. This therapeutic approach involves working closely with trained clinicians who guide you through a process of self-discovery and skill development.

Through CBT, you learn to recognize patterns of thought and behavior that may exacerbate your ADHD symptoms. You are then equipped with practical tools and strategies to reframe unhelpful thoughts, allowing you to manage impulsivity and improve your ability to focus and concentrate.

If needed, medications will also be integrated into the program, including stimulants and non-stimulants. Regular check-ins and assessments will be conducted so adjustments to your medication type, dosage, or timing can be implemented. This step recognizes that medication can be a valuable tool in managing your ADHD symptoms and enhancing your ability to perform daily activities.

A spokesperson says: “We understand that you require hands-on care. That said, we also understand that you have personal obligations to your loved ones and colleagues, too. For this reason, we created an outpatient program that is convenient, discreet, and effective.”

Yes, you can manage ADHD effectively without checking into a facility. Reach out to Renewed Light ASAP so you can get the help you need.

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