Check Out Mic’s Pet Sitting Duo in Waxahachie for the best Dog and Cat Services

Aug 29, 2023

There is great news for pet owners in Waxahachie, Midlothian, Ovilla, Red Oak, Pecan Hill, Glenn Heights, and Maypearl — Mic’s Pet Sitting Duo has established a new base in the area. Specializing in in-home sitting services for cats, dogs, birds, fish, and exotics.

The pitter-patter of paws has a new rhythm in Waxahachie as Mic's Pet Sitting Duo makes its grand entrance into the local pet care scene. Founded by dedicated pet lovers Mic and Peter, this seasoned pet-sitting business has already made a name for itself in Austin, and it's now bringing its exceptional services to the heart of Waxahachie.

Based in the heart of Historic Waxahachie, Mic’s Pet Sitting Duo also provides services to cats, dogs, birds, aquarium fish, and other exotics in the surrounding areas of Midlothian, Ovilla, Red Oak, Pecan Hill, Glenn Heights, and Maypearl.

Catering to the needs of Waxahachie's pet-loving community, Mic's Pet Sitting Duo offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for pet owners who seek the best care for their furry or feathered companions.

With a proven track record of excellence, Mic and Peter understand that pets are cherished family members, and they are committed to providing top-notch care in the comfort of the pets' own homes.

“Most of the pet and house sitters in the area already have full-time jobs. They are therefore just not able to deliver dependable, high-quality, and most importantly pet-focused services, and that’s what is at the heart of what we offer”, said Mic von Moltke, Founder of Mic’s Pet Sitting Duo.

What makes Mic’s Pet Sitting Duo special and different, and why should pet owners try them out:

1. Personalized Attention: Unlike traditional boarding options, Mic's Pet Sitting Duo focuses on providing personalized care - tailored to the needs of each individual pet, as well as their clients. Each pet has its own unique personality and needs, and Mic and Peter pride themselves on tailoring their services to match these individual requirements.

2. Dependability: Mic and Peter, because they operate as the “Duo” in the company name, can deliver a far more dependable service than most of their competitors. They can back each other up, take bookings in parallel, and because this is their only business, they have no work commitments getting in the way.

3. Stress-Free Environment: Pets thrive in familiar surroundings. By staying in their own homes instead of a boarding facility, pets experience less stress and anxiety during their owners' absence. Mic's Pet Sitting Duo aims to maintain a consistent routine to keep pets comfortable and happy.

4. Drop-In Visits: Mic's Pet Sitting Duo offers convenient drop-in visit services. Whether it's a quick bathroom break, a play session, or feeding time, Mic and Peter are just a short drive away to ensure the pet's well-being.

5. Trustworthy and Experienced: With a strong background in pet care and a genuine passion for animals, Mic and Peter bring years of experience to the table. Given they are a retired couple with decades of executive work experience, they approach each engagement with the same level of seasoned professionalism.

“We don't treat cats like dogs, or dogs like cats. We understand the importance companionship and playtime are for both cats and dogs and of course also those unhurried, rewarding walks for our client's dogs,” said Mic.

Mic’s Pet Sitting Duo is insured and bonded, and both Mic and Peter had their backgrounds checked and cleared when they signed up to be on the Rover and Thumbtack platforms and apps.

Their profile on Nextdoor can be found here: Mic’s Pet Sitting Duo on Nextdoor.

Their Thumbtack Profile: Mic’s Pet Sitting Duo on Thumbtack.

Mic’s Pet Sitting Duo is also listed on Rover and Yelp. Booking can simply be made on any of these apps, and they present open calendar dates and rates for each of their custom range of services.

For more information and to book with Mic's Pet Sitting Duo, visit their Facebook page at Mic’s Pet Sitting Duo on Facebook, or contact Mic via call or text at 737-600-7181.

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