Catch Russ Still And The Moonshiners’ State of Mind with Moonshiner Nation

Apr 20, 2021

Get in a Moonshiner Nation state of mind with the latest offering by Russ Still & The Moonshiners. The band offers a throwback genre of music that combines the best of country and rock? Get a hold of the new album called “Southern Born and Raised” from Atlanta-based band Russ Still and The Moonshiners.

Are you a fan of music that combines two of America’s most popular genres of music? Check out Russ Still and The Moonshiners for a contemporary sound that takes you down memory lane.

In addition to the music, Russ Still and The Moonshiners have a new brand Moonshiner Nation. It’s a community, it’s a store, it’s a state of mind! says Still.

Go to for more information.

With the new site and store Russ Still and The Moonshiners bolsters its reputation for reaching its fans in special ways.

The music of Russ Still & The Moonshiners has been getting enthusiastic reviews. Their records have attracted praise for their universal appeal and pleasing Americana riffs.

Russ Still and The Moonshiners frequently perform at venues across Southeast US. The band strives to create an authentic, throwback sound that does away with the current trend of drum machines, pop templates, and auto-tune. Their efforts have earned them prestigious prizes such as Country Band of the Year at the 2015 Georgia Music Awards.

The band is led by Russ Still on vocals, guitar and keyboards. The other band members are Ben Still, Jonnie Burman, Mitch Flanders and David Leonard. All the band members have been on the music circuit for decades and have contributed their vast experience to paying tribute to their roots in “Southern Born and Raised”. You can download the album on all major streaming services and more details are available at

Frontman Russ Still has channeled his experiences growing up in Alabama and honing his craft in Texas into the new album. He said: “My music is a mishmash of all the songs I’ve ever heard, but leaning to rock and southern rock. My lyrics are about my life experiences, things that I see, and things that I think are important. I try to write the truth as I see it.”

You can visit the band’s website to order the CD and vinyl version of the bands latest release, “Southern Born and Raised” and also get the opportunity to win free band merchandise.

You can also learn about Russ Still and The Moonshiners’ upcoming performances as they get set to embark on a tour. Visit so you can find out more!

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