Cat Prescription Discount Card: Get The Best Medication Prices At Top Pharmacies

If you’re finding it harder to afford the rising costs of medication to keep your pet healthy, help is at hand! Get CareCard to access great deals and reductions on vital prescriptions for your cat!

Can't afford the best medications for your cat? You need CareCard! Enjoy huge discounts on your pet prescriptions – download the app today!

Best For Your Pet

Access great prices and offers on expensive medications and ensure that your beloved animals get the best treatment available but without the high price tag. CareCard is now offering significant reductions on prescriptions for cats.

Give your furry friend a better standard of treatment without breaking the bank with CareCard! Learn more about discount prescriptions for cats.

Insurance Integration

The program helps take the financial stress out of caring for your pet and works alongside existing insurance provisions. CareCard responds to the rapidly rising costs of cat medications which has been compounded by advances in veterinary science and an increasing demand for animal healthcare.

Reduce Those Out-Of-Pocket Costs

The CareCard website explains that, while insurance programs do effectively cover and reduce overall treatment costs for cats, most do not cover the cost of prescriptions. Even if you have a comprehensive insurance plan for your pet, you're still likely to face significant out-of-pocket expenses for medications.

Go Mobile

CareCard works via a streamlined mobile app and gives you a swift and simple way to compare prices from participating pharmacists - connecting you with a network of over 60,000 pharmacies. You simply input the details of the prescription and a list of nearby participating providers will appear on screen.

The app can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play.

Transferable Prescriptions

You can also transfer existing prescriptions by informing your current pharmacy and then using CareCard to secure more favorable rates from participating suppliers. These include CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Cosco, and Duane Reade among many others.

Open To Anyone

There are no restrictions on eligibility. CareCard is not an insurance program and is open to anyone who is looking to save money on prescriptions. The card can be used to access discounts on any type of medication – you can save on your own medications as well.

A spokesperson says, “CareCard helps you get affordable cat medications by negotiating discounts with pharmacies nationwide. We make it easy to compare prices among participating pharmacies and choose the best deal, so you can save money on your cat's prescriptions.”

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Show your cat some love with better meds from CareCard!

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