Canyon Lake, TX Commercial Property Owners Pick Higher-Quality Metal Roofing

Nov 2, 2022

If you own a commercial property in Canyon Lake, San Antonio’s ARP Roofing & Remodeling (210-714-0040) is here to help you bring it back to life with a high-quality new metal roof.

Canyon Lake, TX Commercial Property Owners Pick Higher-Quality Metal Roofing

Get a roof that will truly stand the test of time with ARP Roofing & Remodeling’s new metal roofs. They’re the best in Texas.

The roof repair and replacement experts are now offering both commercial and residential Canyon Lake clients like yourself the opportunity to totally replace your old existing roof with a top-of-the-line metal roof. ARP Roofing & Remodeling’s new metal roofs are available in an array of styles, designs and colors and can be fitted to suit your property.

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The launch of their new metal roofs coincides with a recent report on the benefits of the innovative style on According to their team of expert realtors, metal roofing is an increasingly popular choice amongst all buyers and property developers because it is cost-effective, impact and fire-resistant, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

Especially for commercial clients who often have high expenses when it comes to electricity and power usage, a recent study conducted by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory determined that metal roofs offer a substantial 40% reduction in energy costs in the summer, in comparison to traditional roof shingles, and also boast a 15% reduction in energy costs in the winter.

With all of these benefits in mind, ARP Roofing & Remodeling recommends their metal roofs to you if you are looking for the perfect marriage of form, function and aesthetics.

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If you elect to have your roof remodeled with the contractors, you will also appreciate that their expert technicians can assist you with commercial insulation installation at the same time, and can also install commercial gutters.

ARP Roofing & Remodeling has become renowned throughout the San Antonio greater metropolitan region for their master certified and fully licensed and insured tradesmen. They also pride themselves on being reliable, great value and able to provide customized solutions.

In addition to their metal roofs, you can also talk to them about their shingle, tile, gravel silicone and flat roofing installations.

A spokesperson for the roof repair and remodeling experts said, “Installing metal roofing on a San Antonio property is especially beneficial, as this material reflects heat away from the property rather than absorbing it as asphalt shingles do. If you’re wondering if metal roofing is suitable for your new roof replacement, our roofing contractors can help.”

With ARP Roofing & Remodeling’s quality craftsmanship and finishes, you’ll fall more in love with your metal roof every shingle time you look at it!

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