Cambria Heights, NY Private Tutors: Standardized Test Preparation For SAT & ACT

Jan 11, 2022

RJB Tutoring can help your child get caught up with what they missed during the pandemic with 1-on-1 standardized test prep.

Cambria Heights, NY Private Tutors: Standardized Test Preparation For SAT & ACT

If you find yourself worried about your child's education, then a private tutor may be just what you need to keep them on track. RJB Tutors can now teach the Common Core as well as most major standardized tests, on top of their already robust selection of services.

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RJB Tutoring has chosen to add these tests to its curriculum to make up for the educational deficit created by the recent pandemic, especially given that the development of the Omicron variant is creating further uncertainty. Despite the best efforts of educators nationwide, many students are simply unreceptive to online learning, which is where the in-home educators at RJB come into the picture.

Recent studies have shown that students who have received private tutoring performed a full 12% higher than those who did not on most tests. Researchers found that after only 12 hours of tutoring, students were scoring over 100 points higher on the SAT on average.

These standardized test prep courses come alongside RJB’s large selection of other tutoring programs, which includes materials tailored to any age, K-12th grade. They also teach across subjects, offering help in the areas of reading, math, and science.

RJB is now accepting cryptocurrency as payment in order to adapt to a changing financial landscape in addition to typical credit/debit options. If this interests you, you can simply select crypto as a payment option at checkout, select your preferred crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin), and your payment will be processed, free of additional charge.

You can also pay through PayPal's cryptocurrency service, which allows users to access their crypto wallets through the platform, avoiding transfer fees along the way.

In this fast-paced world, any parent would feel overwhelmed trying to make sure their child is learning everything they need to. Why leave it up to chance? Get your child some extra help from those who are eager to give it.

One satisfied customer had this to say: “My daughter Kat went from a 50% to 81% in her last two math exams! Her tutor comes to my home and works with her one on one. RJB Tutoring has been working with my kids for the past 2 years. RJB Tutoring is able to accommodate me and my children's hectic schedules. Their results speak for themselves.”

RJB Tutoring is staffed by a team of dedicated professionals, made up of state-certified teachers and student specialists who have made it their mission to further the educational future of the children they teach. Their in-home tutoring program is designed to keep the busy schedules of parents and students in mind, ensuring that long commutes to the tutoring center are a thing of the past.

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