California Jewelry Company Make Rubber Wedding Bands For Active Couples

Jul 3, 2020

Active jewelry design company Fixate Designs came out with high-performance silicone wedding rings. The company produces innovative and durable silicone wedding bands.

Can’t wear your wedding ring to your next adventure? Check out Fixate Designs new wedding rings and feel the freedom and comfort of their cool and innovative silicone rings!

California active jewelry company Fixate Designs launched a new line of silicone wedding rings. The jewelry designers produce and sell silicone rings for people who live active lives.

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Wearing wedding bands is a tradition honored around the world. However, there are a number of people who can’t wear their wedding rings due to safety reasons. To address this problem, the designers behind Fixate Designs launched a new line of silicone wedding rings.

Professionals that work in the construction, military, and medical industry as well as first responders observe safety protocols that prevent them from wearing their wedding rings.

People who have active lifestyles and engage in extreme sports such as surfers, boxers, and fitness enthusiasts, to name a few, prefer not to wear their wedding bands for fear of losing or damaging them. Moreover, there are actually over one hundred fifty thousand people who suffer from some kind of ring avulsion injury every year.

The innovative people behind Fixate Designs re-engineered and redesigned the traditional metal wedding bands into high-performance products that combine both style and function for the modern man and woman who live energetic lives.

With Fixate Designs’s silicone wedding rings, you will have more freedom and flexibility in engaging in your daily active pursuits—may it be your profession or your past time—without sacrificing the tradition of wearing the symbol of your marriage.

A suitable alternative to metal wedding bands, and made to be worn at times when you would otherwise take off your wedding ring, the purpose-built jewelry is lab tested and engineered using high-quality materials that can withstand the toughest of activities, making it more durable and safer for you to wear.

Fixate Designs rings are customizable, comfortable, breathable, lightweight, fashionable and more affordable that the traditional metal wedding bands.

Safe, durable and stylish, Fixate Designs rings are the best answer to your wedding band dilemmas! You can find out more about their products in the link above!

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