Buy Top Ten Unique Novelty Gifts For White Elephant & Secret Santa Online

Dec 1, 2022

GetBullish is Brooklyn’s biggest name in one-of-a-kind gifts! They have a new range of silly and original stocking stuffers that are guaranteed to bring the Christmas cheer this year.

Buy Top Ten Unique Novelty Gifts For White Elephant & Secret Santa Online

Get properly silly this silly season with GetBullish’s range of wholesome good fun gifts!

The store believes its value collection of original and comedic gifts is perfect for you if you are participating in a White Elephant event, a Secret Santa, or another type of office or low-price tag gift exchange. GetBullish sources all its fun Christmas gifts from local manufacturers and artists to ensure that even a silly gift is a good one.

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The White Elephant collection comes in response to the rising popularity of the fun Christmas gift exchange. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, you should know that White Elephant operates a bit like a Secret Santa, except that there is no intended recipient for a gift, and gift receivers get to poach from the previously opened gifts. GetBullish believes that, in a year where Christmas shopping feels more demanding and costly than ever, a White Elephant office event is the perfect antidote to seasonal stress.

As such, the local retailer is also proud to be ranking their favorite White Elephant gifts to provide you with their ultimate top ten silly season gifts.

Top of their list are the very Brooklyn-inspired Kale Candy Canes, which are sure to bring a Williamsburg Whole Foods meets Christmas office party vibe to your workplace White Elephant. If your coworkers have less healthy tastes, their Mac and Cheese Candy Canes are another popular option.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas ornaments, so rounding out GetBullish’s top five White Elephant gifts are the Creepy Horse Head Glass Ornament, Tardigrade Water Bear Ornament, and Squirrel In Underpants Ornament, all of which are guaranteed to bring an unforgettable touch to your gift recipient’s Christmas tree and to be a real conversation starter these holidays.

You’ll love that the retailer’s other top choices are as varied as their comedy Handages Tiny Hand Bandages, Mini Plant Pot Hunks Garden Décor, which features novelty handsome men on sticks to decorate pot plants with, and their High Five This Sign book of prank posters, a perfect choice for generating future banter around your office.

GetBullish hopes that with their White Elephant collection they can help you and your coworkers and friends reclaim the fun of Christmas.

A spokesperson for the online retailer said, “Whether you’re participating in an actual White Elephant event, a light-hearted Secret Santa, an office gift exchange, or just need a silly gift, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got all types of gifts that will turn HO-HO-HOs to HA-HA-HAs.”

For a truly jolly start to Christmas this year, get shopping at GetBullish!

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