Buy Personalized “I’m Sorry” Gift Collection Featuring Cubic Zirconia Necklace

Aug 8, 2023

Say sorry to the ones you love with the new custom name apology necklace from North Star Wishes.

If you've had a horrible fight with your sister, best friend, or boyfriend, you can't let too much time pass before saying "I'm Sorry". North Star Wishes has the perfect gift collection to help you extend that olive branch.

The online store offers a heart-shaped crystal necklace and a personalized apology card addressed to whoever you want by name. The “Forever Love” necklace is a 6.5mm Cubic Zirconia crystal enclosed in a polished heart pendant embellished with smaller crystals.

Go to to learn more about the custom name apology package.

Like all of North Star Wishes' apology-based products, this handcrafted gift collection is designed to help you reconnect and mend rifts with people you love.

According to a survey done by Inviqa, 85% of gift buyers say that personalization is one of the most significant factors in choosing the perfect present. The company accommodates your most intimate relationships, providing gift packages that express love and gratitude for different occasions.

The custom name apology necklaces are made with either a 14K white gold finish or an 18K yellow gold finish. You can choose whether your gift comes in a two-toned box or a mahogany-style luxury box with an LED spotlight.

Once you enter the preferred style option for your necklace and your loved one's name on the website, you can preview your gift in real-time.

The store offers expedited shipping if you're in the United States. It also delivers gift packages if you're based outside the country.

As a customer purchasing an “I’m Sorry” necklace, you have many design options. Visit for an alternative design to the heart-shaped crystal necklace.

Aside from apology-based products, the store offers gifts to help you celebrate and congratulate loved ones. The highs of a relationship are just as important to acknowledge as the lows.

North Star Wishes continues to help create memorable moments, giving you an avenue to express love to those close to you.

“Absolutely beautiful necklace!! Shipped fast. Very well made and the note that comes with the box is really touching,” a happy customer gushed.

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