Buy a Genuine Pashmina. Don”t be fooled by all the wanna be Pashminas out there.

Oct 5, 2021

Learn how to get a real only a real Pashminas.

How to learn if you are going to buy real Pashmina.

There are various names concerning Pashmina is heard by us but we never know if we are going to buy the actual one. Many of the fashion companies create fake products with the name of Pashmina. The vendors and the buyers both have little knowledge about the product and so the fake one is promoted most of the time. So what is Pashmina? Pashmina is a work of art and passion. It is created by the expert and experienced craftsmen from the cashmere fibres of the Capra Hircus goat, which is found at elevations of 14,000 feet and above, woven on hand looms and then is dyed with cold water carefully. Each tassle and knot is made by a real person. After finishing it needs to be hand pressed. The tassles get squished in the roller and look flat and ugly.

Most of the people think that the actual Pashmina is too costly but this is not true. A pashmina is an investment. It will last you a life time and then will be handed down like a priced heirloom. The thickness of the cashmere fabric is 12 to 18 microns and this is based on the hair used to make it. The hair is taken from the belly and the throat of the goat. It is the softest fibre. The cheaper product is made with low quality wool, man made fibres or Viscose.

But since the quality matter, you can not compromise and so you need to learn how to test the real pashmina. The actual product is very soft and does not product wrinkles. Some high quality pashminas are so thin and soft that it can easily be passed through the ring and even then there is no any kind of wrinkle produces in it. If you are buying it from the genuine store, the storekeeper must tell you how to test it. These are also tested by burning few strands. The actual product will produce sulphuric smell and the strands will shrink to produce small balls and finally will be converted into powder. This happens since cashmere is actually the hair from goat. If the product is not real it will act as plastic and will not turn into powder. The one who knows this trick will always love to use to know if the product being purchased is real or not.

There are many of the stores available in the market selling real pushmina and you need to learn how to find them. You can use internet to search such stores. is one of the best ones.

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