Business Resilience Facilitator Offers Corporate Crisis Management Solutions

Dec 11, 2023

Focusing on resilience may be the key for businesses looking to grow in an increasingly uncertain future, says international health expert and crisis response coach Dr. Erika Wichro.

Recent years have brought about more and more challenges for businesses across sectors - from high inflation to supply chain issues, increased economic uncertainty affecting demand, and massive workforce changes.

Investing in resilience and crisis management is crucial for organizations looking to survive and grow, says award-winning public health expert, humanitarian consultant and problem-solving trainer Dr. Erika Wichro.

Corporate Resilience Training From Leading Health Expert

Dr. Wichro’s more than 30 years of experience have taken her from working with first responders in Eastern Europe to implementing emergency health protocols in underprivileged communities and holding expert corporate training sessions on Crisis Management, Ethics, Economics, International Law, and other topics.

With a multi-disciplinary perspective focused on creating easy-to-follow, adaptable strategies for crisis preparedness, Dr. Wichro helps businesses across sectors better prepare for potential crises.

“Constantly growing myself multidisciplinary, I am helping countries, organizations, institutions, businesses, and communities globally to strengthening health systems, crisis preparedness and response capabilities, humanitarian crisis management, and resilience at all levels,” said Dr. Wichro. “I am pleased to go the extra mile to support you achieve your goals and excited to see you win.”

About Dr. Erika Wichro

An experienced public health expert and humanitarian consultant, Dr. Erika Wichro considers herself a “global citizen” with a mission to facilitate smart problem solving and crisis management for public and private organizations across the world.

Dr. Wichro’s work includes three decades of work in national and international health, and close to two decades of research and education. She has been named as one of the:

  • Top International Public Health Expert 2020,
  • Top Empowered Woman 2021,
  • Top 50 Fearless Leaders 2022, and
  • Top Humanitarian 2022, among others.

“The biggest satisfaction is to be of service, to assist others tapping into their power and unleash the great potential waiting to be discovered,” said Dr. Wichro. “When you do what you are passionate about, everything becomes effortless, and no challenge is too big. I go the extra mile with you to help you achieve your aspirations. Together we thrive.”

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