Bulk Order High-Level Surface Disinfecting Sprays & Liquids At This US Supplier

Mar 17, 2023

Get supplies for your dental practice, medical clinic, hospice, or wellness center, made right in the USA. SurgiMac partners with all the top brands, so they can supply the products you trust locally, and they even offer same-day shipping.

Bulk Order High-Level Surface Disinfecting Sprays & Liquids At This US Supplier

The last few years have been a bit of a nightmare when it comes to medical supplies.

Not only were there shortages because of manufacturing problems but there was also an unexpected and massive demand - with every single citizen suddenly in need of medical-grade cleaning supplies.

For many clinics, unfortunately, this meant ordering from overseas, or from unknown suppliers, and the results were mixed at best. The problems also didn't stop there, because you can't operate a dental practice or medical clinic with proper supplies.

To make sure you never get stuck without the necessary supplies again, all you have to do is use SurgiMac. They carry all the premium products you want for your clinic, including surface disinfectants, surgical tools, and even hospital-grade disinfectants for cleaning your instruments.

If you're on the fence, just stop by the SurgiMac website, and take a look at what they carry. You won't find products from these top brands cheaper anywhere else, trust me. Just visit https://surgimac.com/collections/surface-disinfectants and see for yourself.

SurgiMac is trusted, authorized, and licensed by major manufacturers, like Metrex, PDI, Pierrel Pharma, and Dynarex. It's not going to take weeks to get products from their warehouse to your clinic either, because SurgiMac has facilities from coast to coast. If you need something fast, just make sure that you order it before noon EST, and SurgiMac will usually ship it within the same day.

In the rare event that you need a particular product, and SurgiMac doesn't already carry it, all you have to do is give them a call. They have the connections and partnerships to find what you need and get it special ordered.

While SurgiMac carries a wide range of surface disinfectant sprays and wipes, they also supply high-level disinfectants, such as MetriCide 28 from Metrex, which is reusable for up to 28 days and gently sterilizes your instruments in 10 hours. Of course, high-level disinfectants are not suggested for all your surgical tools, but they are often used for instruments that cannot be cleaned with an autoclave.

For surface cleaning, SurgiMac carries a full range of wipes and sprays in alcohol, peroxide, and bleach-based compounds, from all the popular brands you expect. I could list them all here, but let's just say that if it's a major, trusted brand, SurgiMac probably has it. You can also find detailed information on their website about each product's most effective uses, safety precautions, and more.

While many of the products we've discussed are available to the public, SurgiMac also supplies locally manufactured dental tools, such as surgical scissors, scalpel handles, and blades. With a SurgiMac account, professionals can access topical anesthetic, local anesthetic, disposable dental needles, and other industry-specific tools that are not available to the public.

Not to sound over-excited - but SurgiMac is a win, win, win, for local medical and dental professionals.

You can get locally manufactured products, from top trusted brands, at wholesale rates, and with same-day shipping.

So what are you waiting for?

Visit https://surgimac.com/collections/surface-disinfectants to see if SurgiMac has everything your dental practice needs, and to find out how much you could be saving.

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