Best Durable Dental Syringe Injectors & Serrated Bone Packers For US Practices

Apr 19, 2024

For bone graft procedures, dentists need equipment, tools, and materials that won’t let them down. Shop at SurgiMac for the very best products from leading brands including its own signature range. Deliver better care this year!

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Sustainable Products

Order the Bone Graft Syringe Injector from the company's extensive collection of accessories and supplies for both the medical and dental communities. SurgiMac's signature range affirms its commitment to sustainability in the healthcare sector with environmentally conscious products and ethical practices.

Sleek & Smooth

The Bone Graft Syringe Injector features a sleek and ergonomic design, tested and approved by professionals in clinical settings. The product provides smooth and precise delivery of bone graft materials to the injection site, enhancing accuracy and reducing the risk of displacement during your procedures.

Nationwide Coverage

SurgiMac brings an innate understanding of the challenges of running a busy dental practice. With high-quality products and same-day dispatch on orders, you can expect prompt delivery. The company operates from bases in New York, Utah, and Florida, ensuring you can get your goods as quickly as possible no matter where in the country you're based. You can also pick up your orders in person at one of SurgiMac's warehouse locations.

Built To Last

The Syringe Injector is made from durable materials and is designed to withstand the rigors of a busy dental surgery. You can also find other procedure-specific tools in SurgiMac's own-brand range including a Double Sided Serrated Bone Packer – available in both a 6 mm and 8 mm version – and a Gun-Style Intraligamental Syringe for the safe delivery of anesthetic.

You can pair these tools with other essential dental supplies such as J. Morita's Collagen-Based Bone Foundation Material and a variety of barrier protection and infection control products. All available to order from the web store.

Open An Account

Why not open an account with SurgiMac to facilitate faster ordering and get early access to new products? The company partners with healthcare providers across the country to ensure a reliable supply of essential products for better patient outcomes.

A spokesperson says, “At SurgiMac, we create the most dependable and innovative surgical and dental instruments using our patented designs. Our products are held to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring our customers always have access to the best instruments.”

SurgiMac delivers for dentists across the country – join the community today!

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