Bulk Buy Deals On DEHP-Free BBraun IV Administration Sets With Universal Spike

Mar 28, 2024

On a busy hospital ward it can be easy to overlook how crucial tools and equipment are to doing your job as well as possible. Don’t settle for sub-standard IV sets, shop BBraun products at SurgiMac with same-day dispatch!

Need leading brand IV administration sets for your clinic or hospital? Want to work with a company that understands the challenges of delivering vital treatments on the wards or in the doctor's office?

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BBraun Bargains

SurgiMac is now stocking the BBraun Gravity Primary IV administration set as part of its extensive collection. The product provides an 85-inch tubing solution for clinicians and comes without ports. You can order it now via the SurgiMac web store.

Easy Integration

The BBraun set features a universal spike design that will integrate with almost all IV accessories from major brands. With physical stores in New York, Utah, and Florida, SurgiMac can ensure that goods are delivered promptly to clinics and hospitals across the country. Same-day dispatch is available on all orders or, if you prefer, you can pick up your order from one of the warehouse facilities.

Bulk-Buy Prices

The newly added BBraun IV set's tubing is DEHP-free, ensuring long-term protection for your patients against carcinogenic side effects. The product does not have a back check valve but comes with a spin-lock connector, side clamps, and a roller feature. The tubing has a range of between 73 and 96 inches. You can order the set individually for $2.49 or a case of 100 for $125.99.

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This set can be augmented with BBraun's 6-inch IV extension set, also available to order from the SurgiMac store. This sterile, filterless tubing product comes with a female luer connector, a distal male luer lock, and a removable side clamp.

Other related accessories available in the SurgiMac range include a McKesson IV start kit which includes a tourniquet, ChloraPrep 1 ml applicator with DFU, two non-woven gauze strips, one Tegaderm dressing, one roll of Transpore tape, and a IV change label.

The SurgiMac Experience

SurgiMac partners with manufacturers and clinicians across the US to ensure all its products meet the needs of medical professionals and patients alike. In addition to tools and accessories from leading brands, the store also has a proprietary range of implements and apparel. The company is committed to sustainability and providing ethically-produced medical products to its growing customer base. Want to join them?

A spokesperson says, “With our wide selection of products, customers are sure to find the right solution and access the most up-to-date technology available, enabling them to provide optimal care for their patients.”

For happier healthcare staff and patients, get your medical supplies at SurgiMac!

For more info, go to https://surgimac.com/

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