Build Employee Resilience & Increase Productivity With This World Health Expert

Apr 28, 2023

Are you experiencing a decline in company productivity and morale? Dr. Erika Wichro can help. With a specialization in personal and professional development, Dr. Wichro helps you optimize output by identifying and overcoming workplace barriers.

As a business owner or HR professional, you understand the critical role employee wellness and motivation play in maintaining a thriving workplace and achieving optimal productivity. Yet, in today's complex business environment, it's easy for employees to become disengaged, overwhelmed, and burnt out.

This is where Dr. Erika Wichro, MD, MAS (LLM), MA, MPH, crisis advisor, public health expert, and international best-selling author, can help.

With her vast expertise and practical strategies, Dr. Wichro specializes in creating company cultures defined by employee engagement, happiness, and resilience.

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In its constitutional preamble, the World Health Organization (WHO) says: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” Dr. Wichro’s philosophy and approach to personal and professional well-being is the mirror image of these insights. Find out how to improve holistic wellness across your organization and accelerate engagement and productivity in partnership with an industry expert.

“My biggest satisfaction is to be of service to others and to help them recognize their potential so they can tap into their power,” says Dr. Wichro. “When employees have a greater appreciation of their value and companies prioritize organizational well-being, incredible things can happen.”

A recent global study conducted by AON notes 38% of today’s companies want to improve employee well-being. 37% want to improve retention and attraction, and 22% want to improve their operational performances as they relate to society and the environment (ESG). Clearly we have a problem if companies around the world are taking a second look at current cultures and wondering how to change for the better.

With a specialty in global health (including clinical, medical, psycho-social, and organizational health), capacity building among staff and stakeholders, and strategy development at the operational, policy, and procedural levels, Dr. Wichro helps you examine the well-being of your workforce to identify the disconnects. This can include employee work-life balance, employee benefits and the potential stigma against personal health management, and the role a fragmented workplace culture might unwittingly be playing in increasing employee burnout.

As multi-award-winning health specialist, Dr. Wichro was named the Top International Public Health Expert in 2020, the Top Empowered Woman in 2021, and Top Humanitarian in 2022. Her book, Top 50 Fearless Leaders made the best-seller list in 2022, and she was featured on the cover of the Top Industry Professionals Magazine and displayed on the Times Square Billboard in 2020, and 2021 respectively.

The first step toward improving employee wellness and overall productivity is to partner with an expert so you can delve into unseen issues and dynamics.

Dr. Wichro is now available to help companies in crisis improve holistic wellness and employee motivation for increases in overall productivity and profitability.

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