Build Apostolic Pentecostal Faith With Ministry Preparation In Somerset, NJ

Aug 2, 2023

If you’re looking for a faith-based educational program in Somerset, Premier Family Life Ministry International (+1-888-210-5850) offers a path to help you grow!

Focusing on apostolic Pentecostal principles, Premier Family Life Ministry International has a holistic approach to faith-based learning that helps you to build your personal and life skills with a strong grounding in the teachings of Christ.

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The program develops a strong grounding in ministry work, combining real-life experiences with biblical teachings to provide new frameworks for addressing life lessons in a welcoming environment.

Premier Family Life Ministry International equips you with the knowledge, skills, and values you need to excel both academically and spiritually. By combining biblical teachings with academic pursuits, it addresses your whole character, cultivating integrity alongside intellectual growth.

Community outreach elements encourage you to actively engage in helping others - putting into practice the lessons taught by Christ. The church believes that leadership involves service to others, and aims to instill a selfless mindset to prepare you to make a positive impact in your community.

The courses are managed by Bishop Euton M. Laing, Dr. Austin George Alphanso Wright, Elder Sharon Laing, and Elder Donna Richards. With their knowledge and commitment to the ministry's vision, they provide ongoing guidance and mentorship, supporting your personal and spiritual growth.

Diversity is also celebrated within the program, acknowledging and embracing the unique backgrounds and experiences of every student. This allows Premier Family Life Ministry International to promote a sense of belonging and unity while encouraging the development of strong family values that serve as the foundation for personal and communal growth.

You are actively encouraged to participate in the church's various ministries, which range from youth programs to movement-centered approaches, which worship the Lord through dance, sign language, and more.

A spokesperson states: "Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc. was founded through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost by Dr. Euton M. and Elder Sharon Laing. Our mission is to minister the gospel both nationally and internationally, addressing all aspects of family life, including spiritual, medical, educational, financial, and leadership development."

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