Brooklyn Stand Up! Get these Luxury Black Leather Sneakers and Represent.

Nov 10, 2021

Do you want to level-up your sneaker game? The new BKLYN BAM luxury sneakers by Rekanize will elevate your style and confidence.

Urban streetwear has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Consumers have been rejecting trends set by fast fashion in place of more timeless products. The BKLYN BAM sneakers’ clever urban design ensures that they won’t go out of style, and their quality lasts for years.

The Rekanize Brand created this new addition to its footwear collection for the precise reason of providing you with a classic urban, high-quality leather shoe. They are hand-made to order in Le Marche, Italy, and feature superior detailing.

The unisex footwear is made of genuine leather with a black python pattern and has matching patterned leather laces available. They feature a signature silver wolf logo on the inside of the tongue, silver chrome rubber soles, and a limited edition custom magnetic enclosure imprinted with the Brooklyn Bridge on the cover.

The unique design makes them highly adaptable and sought after. Dress them up or down and find added confidence in your collector’s edition on any occasion. Their extreme comfort will keep you out and moving for as long as you need them to.

Brooklynite’s know representation is everything. The white patent leather lettering around the heel of both sneakers spells “Brooklyn” and allows members of all 26 Brooklyn cities throughout the world to celebrate the urban fashion of their hometown.

The BAM in BKLYN BAM is simply the audio connected to the reactions you receive while wearing these premium luxury sneakers.

About Rekanize

Rekanize is a streetwear company that sells clothing, footwear, and accessories. The brand embodies the notion of power, courage, and self-reliance within every human being. They believe the inner wolf buried within every human being will lead them to greatness. Their motto “Rekanize your truth” encourages people to tap into their inner wolf and bring their dreams to fruition. It is about inserting this belief into the fashion which will then trigger a positive outlook on oneself.

A satisfied customer said: “The material used in the making of these kicks are top-notch right on down to the packaging. These BKLYN BAM sneakers will only accentuate whatever look you rock.”

Make a statement and get a pair of these limited-edition, unique shoes while they’re still available!

Their design is timeless and protected, so they’ll remain one-of-a-kind for years to come.

Go to to get yours today!

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