Breath Coach Certification Course For Facilitating In-Person & Online Workshops

Dec 8, 2023

Get started on your very own journey to personal and global healing today! Sign up for NeuroDynamic Institute’s world-renown breathwork facilitator training program and learn how to lead breath workshops of your very own!

If someone told you that you could become an expert breathwork facilitator in just six short months, would you believe them?

Regardless of your answer, let’s be real - this hypothetical person wouldn’t be telling the entire truth. Because when you sign up for NeuroDynamic Institute’s live online breathwork facilitator training program, you won’t just learn how to be an expert facilitator. You’ll also learn how to be an entrepreneur, how to be a better person, and most importantly, how to touch others with the transformational force that is NeuroDynamic Breathwork!

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Powerful and Modern

You may be wondering what the hype’s all about. Well, if you enroll in the program, you will learn how to practice and facilitate NeuroDynamic Breathwork, a modern, science-based method that was developed by founder and veteran practitioner Michael Stone.

And it really is something else! According to NeuroDynamic Institute, this non-directive modality is characterized by deep, focused breathing that is sustained while breathers listen to dynamic music in a safe space created by the facilitator. This is meant to spur physiological changes that can prompt breathers to process and release emotions for improved health and well-being. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body, after all!

All-Inclusive Material

The six-month certification program will be taught primarily by NeuroDynamic Institute’s main platform facilitators, with Stone being among them. 

With a 350-hour curriculum structured around over 40 years of breath coaching experience, the goal of the program is to help you develop the skills to lead workshops with confidence. If you didn’t have much faith in your abilities before, put those doubts to rest. 350 hours of training will turn anyone into an expert! 

Not only that, but you’ll be given a lot of advice on how to pursue an actual career in breathwork. The course even includes access to a comprehensive list of legal documents that are required to start a business in the field. Those papers are worth at least $1000!

Additionally, a significant number of classes will be devoted to furthering your personal development. This section is led by Saemi Nakamura, one of the core instructors, and her lessons incorporate Fractal Paradigm technology into NeuroDynamic Institute’s material.

Through Nakamura, you will be given the tools to: 

  • Take control of your emotions
  • Prevent your issues from influencing the participants in your workshops
  • Recognize unconscious thinking patterns 

All of this will ultimately lead to more self-awareness. And you’ll become a better person for it. Positive change is always a good thing!

The Next Step

After completing the training course, you will be qualified to lead online group workshops and in-person one-on-one workshops, and you will also have access to an extensive facilitator support network designed for alumni of the program.

And if you’re the type to really reach for the stars, you can enroll in an extracurricular three-day online course. This will give you the certification you need to facilitate group workshops in person. The more, the merrier!

About NeuroDynamic Institute

Michael Stone founded NeuroDynamic Institute with the goal of making breathwork more accessible to people worldwide. His unique modality can be facilitated both online and in person, making it less costly and easier to practice regularly.

And now, he and his team are ready to pass on everything they’ve learned to you. In this way, more people will be able to spread the power of breathwork to all corners of the world, meaning more people can experience it too. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could get started on a road to personal healing?

NeuroDynamic Institute believes so. And if you share their views, you can become a facilitator too. Just head on over to and enroll in the program today! Training starts on March 2, 2024, so sign up while there’s still space!

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