Boutique Luxury Student Apartment Design San Diego: Award-Winning Local Firm

Aug 23, 2023

Featuring interior concepts from award-winning local firm San Diego Office Design (+1-619-610-9358), the StateSide student apartment development is redefining what student accommodation can and should be.

On-campus accommodation can be a little like hen’s teeth, so what’s the next best option if you’re studying at SDSU?

The new StateSide development features interiors from award-winning local firm San Diego Office Design, and is located right near the campus main gates.

StateSide has an atmosphere that some have compared to a “boutique cosmopolitan hotel,” so you might be thanking your lucky stars that on-campus housing is so difficult to find. In addition to private 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments, you’ll have access to amazing social and study spaces that will be the center-point of your university experience.

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In developing its latest concepts, San Diego Office Design drew on significant experience across many sectors, such as residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail. The firm states that its proprietary think-tank approach, which encourages design inputs from clients, was central to the project’s successful outcome, while the ability to source unique furniture from local producers also elevated the interiors above what you would normally see in such a development.

According to CBRE Research, American universities are only able to accommodate 21.5% of students in on-campus housing, creating a growing demand for suitable offsite facilities. In contrast to the traditional dormitory model, the requirements of modern students have also evolved, placing an emphasis on privacy, security, and location.

Situated near the gateway to SDSU, the new StateSide project aims to provide maximum convenience, while also offering you a comfortable and modern environment. The signature feature of the development is its sky lounge, which offers a private retreat with panoramic views of SDSU.

“Our design think-tank approach™ is unique in the industry and delivers truly collaborative and innovative solutions,” a company representative explained. “We are also proud to feature a wide range of local, sustainable, and unique furniture products that are both good for local clients and for our environment.”

About San Diego Office Design

Lead designer and CEO Tamara Romeo was recently recognized by the San Diego Business Journal as one of the “Top 50 Women of Influence in Architecture and Design.” Herself an alumnus of SDSU, Tamara welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the success and happiness of the next generation of students.

“San Diego Office Design, while working under the tightest of timelines and around a construction schedule that wasn’t alterable, pulled magic out of the air to breathe new life into our corporate lobby and conference areas,” one client recently stated. “We were so impressed with SDOD’s integrity, creativity, and can-do attitude that we’ve partnered with them again for the redesign of our executive suite.”

From student accommodation to collaborative working spaces, engage with the team at San Diego Office Design to bring your next project to life.

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