Boston Online Education Resource Center Vocabulary Development Strategies Released

Mar 14, 2019

Needham, Boston MA education nonprofit & teachers’ ongoing learning center, the Commonwealth Online Learning Institute has released its 3-point strategy for teachers to help them improve their students’ vocabulary. The institute offers online courses as part of a professional development program for teachers.

  • boston online education resource center vocabulary development strategies releas
  • boston online education resource center vocabulary development strategies releas
  • boston online education resource center vocabulary development strategies releas

Needham Boston learning support & teachers' ongoing learning center Commonwealth Online Learning Institute announced the release of its course for children's vocabulary literacy. The course highlights strategies for teachers to aid learners in the extension and expansion of their vocabularies,

More information about the Commonwealth Online Learning Institute is available at

The US Department of Education's What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) education research initiative states that the most important goal for literacy instruction is to increase student's ability to comprehend difficult text. It provides the teacher with a clear focus and understanding of the areas the student may be having trouble in.

The Commonwealth Online Learning Institute's strategy for vocabulary literacy is built on three pillars based on the WWC goal—Teach to Learn, Teach to Understand, and Learning & Understanding Content. These three strategies are designed to optimize the learning and engagement process between teachers and students with a view to improving reading ability, problem-solving skills, and strengthening decision-making.

The Boston vocabulary literacy online institute emphasizes the need to help new independent readers by choosing favorite books as an approach to vocabulary development. The institute also recommends that educators tap into cultural backgrounds to help children identify different words for a specific object, progress to understanding content, and teach methods of literary self-expression.

The institute offers facilitated courses such as "Building Vocabulary With State Standards" and self-paced "SP Academic And Domain Specific Vocabulary". These courses are aimed to train and empower educators to help their students develop reading comprehension and communication skills and encourage word-learning and usage strategies.

According to a spokesperson for the Boston online education resource center, "We look forward to helping teachers increase their students' engagement in the learning process and are happy to recommend these strategies through our courses."

The Commonwealth Online Learning Institute is supported by the Stratford Foundation, an educational resource nonprofit that funds and operates the Commonwealth Learning Center and the Professional Training Institute. The Commonwealth Learning Online Institute is designed as an online learning resource for teachers of schoolchildren.

More information is available at and at the URL above.

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