Boost Your Realtor Sales With This Increased Sales And Conversions Guide

Jan 20, 2021

Isaiah Colton & Co, a company that provides educational tools for real estate agents, has launched the Sales Acceleration Blueprint. It provides advice on how to boost sales and conversions.

Learn how to market, boost your conversions, and see your real estate sales skyrocket with the new Sales Acceleration Blueprint from conversion experts Isaiah Colton & Co!

Isaiah Colton & Co, a company that provides digital marketing resources and educational tools for real estate agents, has launched the Sales Acceleration Blueprint.

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The newly launched blueprint is a learning resource for real estate agents that promises to help them double their real estate sales within the next 12 months, without spending money on lead generations.

The blueprint is provided on a complimentary basis and provides important information that can help you to double your sales in 90 days or less.

The guide is written by Isaiah Colton, head of growth, and provides advice and actionable tips on how real estate agents can grow and scale their business, increase their lead conversion, and generate more listing opportunities that lead to sales through marketing and creating sales funnels.

The Flywheel Method is included in the guide. This method teaches you how to implement the Sales Acceleration Blueprint into your business by replacing the traditional sales funnel with a new method that comprises three elements. The three elements included in the method are marketing, service, and sales.

You will also receive instruction on marketing automation, artificial intelligence, and inside sales and how these elements can be used to grow your business.

Ronald M, who received the blueprint, says, “The Facebook tool that this system uses to generate listings from a geographical farm is going to change the industry when it comes to lead generation!”

As part of the launch, you can receive the complimentary blueprint by visiting the website and filling out your details on the popup form. You will be asked for your name, email, and state, and will receive the blueprint in your email inbox.

Isaiah Colton & Co is a conversion company run by Isaiah Colton who is also known as The Lead Conversion guy. His mission to help real estate agents with marketing automation and artificial intelligence to enable them to double their sales through coaching and courses.

Are you ready to double your real estate sales?

Go to the URL above for more information on Isiah Colton & Co and the launch of the Sales Acceleration Blueprint.

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