Boost Collagen After Medical Spa Treatments With This Active Oxygen Facial Toner

Nov 23, 2022

Leave your beauty clients feeling refreshed and revitalized after they visit you! Add the oxygen-rich Rejuvenator mist from Iamoxygen to your aftercare repertoire today!

Boost Collagen After Medical Spa Treatments With This Active Oxygen Facial Toner

Make oxygen therapy mist part of your beauty treatment aftercare - Iamoxygen’s Rejuvenator skin cell therapy mist promotes collagen production and supports skin cell rejuvenation and takes away the sting!

The facial toner and clarifying mist is available for you to purchase wholesale for your medical spa or aesthetician practice for use on clients after CO2 treatments or microdermabrasion or any skin regiment.

Discover the Rejuvenator’s restorative properties at

The Iamoxygen mist has been created using an oxygen-rich formula that encourages collagen production, an essential protein that your skin needs to restore and repair itself and promote elasticity.

Packing 350,000 ppm of pure stabilized active oxygen, the Rejuvenator can increase cellular metabolism for accelerated healing and collagen synthesis.

Given these qualities, it can minimize signs of aging and sun damage, as well as soothe your spa clients' inflammation after you treat their skin. As a professional aesthetician, you can use it as an alternative to many creams.

In addition to wholesale, the rejuvenator is also available for you to purchase for personal use and can be spritzed directly onto your face for an on-the-go oxygen facial or immediate relief from the irritation caused by dust and pollutants.

Containing 1000 sprays, the hyper oxygenated mist has anti-inflammatory effects and can minimize your clients' recovery time after microdermabrasion and other procedures, such as waxing treatments.

Moreover, given the Rejuvenator’s ability to eliminate ROS compounds that can degrade cellular membranes and aggravate signs of aging, Iamoyxgen recommends you use facial mist in conjunction with complexion-revitalizing treatments to promote healthy cell recovery processes. The gentle, antioxidant-rich formula is produced using 100% natural ingredients, making it suitable for all skin types and ages.

About Iamoxygen

Iamoxygen uses 95% plastic-free packaging and aims to replace any remaining plastic usage with hemp by 2015. Made in a GMP facility in the US, the vegan and cruelty-free company’s production methods stabilize oxygen molecules in purified saline without the need for caustic chemicals or hydrogen peroxide. It is committed to making oxygen and ozone facial therapies available for medical, aesthetic, and personal use.

Iamoxygen champions ozone and oxygen therapy facial toners for collagen production and cell renewal - find out more about the power of stabilized active oxygen at

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