Blog Post From Carolina Family Dentistry Informs Readers on Dental Specialists

Feb 1, 2023

Learn how Carolina Dentistry helps patients understand different dental specialists.

Blog Post From Carolina Family Dentistry Informs Readers on Dental Specialists

Carolina Family Dentistry has published a new article entitled "Who Is My Dentist Sending Me To?" The post informs readers how dentists decide who to refer their patients to. With a wide variety of specialists, it is important for a dentist to decide what is best for their patients. Readers are encouraged to read the full article here.

There are many different specialists a dentist can refer patients to. From a Periodontist, Orthodontist, or even an Endodontist. A dentist's main concern is to provide each patient with the best care possible. Here are a few dental specialists patients may need to visit one day:

A Periodontist or Gum Specialist specializes in treating and preventing Periodontal Disease. Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, is the chronic inflammation of not just the gums but also the bones supporting the teeth. Dental patients who may develop Periodontal disease may need specific treatments to help reduce the inflammation.

Other specialists are Endodontists. Endodontists proudly refer to themselves as Specialists in Saving Teeth. They specialize in finding and treating oral and facial pain that has been difficult to diagnose. Their focus is on treating tooth pulp and performing root canals.

While there are many types of specialists, it is important that patients understand that dental problems do not “just go away” on their own. visiting the dentist right away if experiencing pain or tooth problems is crucial. Early treatment can help avoid more significant problems later.

Carolina Family Dentistry, located in Charleston, South Carolina, offers patients an experience dedicated to providing the best care possible to each patient. Dr. Rob Bank and his team at Carolina Family Dentistry help patients get their smiles back through a variety of dental services. To discover more about how Carolina Family Dentistry can help and to book an appointment visit the link here.

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