Bill Negotiation & Auditing Tool For Construction Firms Minimizes Overhead Costs

Apr 11, 2024

Recession Resister’s financial optimization platform is your way to build a more financially sustainable future for your construction firm. Minimize your overhead costs and boost your savings and profits today.

Recession Resister is the contractor’s reliable hammer, pounding away at inflated expenses, the contractor’s trusty wrench, tightening budgets, and the contractor’s spirit level, ensuring financial stability always. Best of all, it is all this in one.

Go to to see how you can reduce your overhead with their trusted cost-cutting service. 

Boost Your Profitability Margins

Recession Resister appreciates that construction firms like yours often face unpredictable sources of income, with projects getting slated and then postponed or cancelled, with workflows becoming more complex with little to notice and with legislative and regulatory changes occurring frequently. 

As a recent report on Growth Idea, in conjunction with the Journal of Building Engineering discovered, the average profit margins in the construction industry tend to be as low as 1.5-2%, with the same study showcasing that some 44% of construction projects result in a loss for construction firms. 

Maximize Your Savings Potential

That’s why the cash flow specialists believe it is imperative for you to minimize your overheads wherever possible in order to maximize your savings potential and improve your financial sustainability.

The team at Recession Resister believes that by cutting down your operating expenses, they can help you weather leaner periods and project complications by building a bigger pool of savings for you to draw on and by boosting your profit margins. 

Save On Your Bills & Utilities

Primarily, Recession Resister will seek to cut your major utilities, including energy, gas, water, and telecommunications. With their unique financial optimization platform, the expense managers can identify the best rates available on the market and enroll your firm with that provider immediately. 

Beyond utilities, Recession Resister can also renegotiate and audit your other bills seeking a lower price on other business essentials like waste management, security, payroll, and more. 

They offer all their services on a no-pay, no-save basis and have a simple online bill upload system which will allow you to quickly upload your bills so that the cash flow specialists can get to work reducing them. 

As their spokesperson said, “We can lower almost any recurring bills by negotiating better rates. We encourage you to upload all your additional bills during checkout so we can see if we can help you save even more money.”

About Recession Resister

Recession Resister is a fast-growing cost-cutting and bill-saving firm that has, since their launch in 2022, saved their clients over $1 million. 

Their spokesperson added, “Millions of businesses are overpaying for their monthly expenses, including phone, cable, internet, satellite, security and more. But you can start saving on these expenses and put more money back into your business, and it won’t cost you a dime unless you save. Just upload your bills, and you’ll receive half of any savings we negotiate on your behalf.”

Whether you need to take a hammer or a buzz saw to your bills, Recession Resister should be every construction firm’s choice. 

Visit to start uploading your bills.

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