BigHype is the newest AltCoin on Binance Smart Chain

Jul 25, 2021

BigHype is a cryptocurrency that has goals of having hyper deflationary token and rewarding its loyal holders. They have sponsored other coins and promoted giveaways to bring people into their community while also saving tokens for later use.

Launching on the Binance Smart Chain July 23rd, Big Hype proves to be a unique experience for the alt coin community. Based around top trends and building a sense of community, BigHype aims to change how community tokens interact.

Through crypto community outreach BIGHYPE aims to partner with and feature other coins in order to help mutually grow one anothers community’s. Through the use of the HypeBox different communities are able to donate a sum of tokens to BigHype and allow users in the community to bid on and win these tokens. The

HypeBox allows users to send messages and reply to others receiving payments in doing so. The use of this feature will open up the gateway for many token based communities to promote their coin, website or project at no cost but instead having to pay attention to marketing it as there will be people that want the tokens they are providing.

A unique approach not often seen in a space that is built on secrecy and undying loyalty for one specific token. Aside from the unique community partnership, BigHype also falls back on tokenomics aimed at rewarding their loyal holder base.

An explanation for tokenomics can be seen in the section below, but basically it is a self-sustaining growth model that rewards early adopters. In addition to this BigHype will be offering staking rewards through masternodes as well giveaways and raffles where users are able to earn tokens by just participating and gives them a chance to see some of the user friendliness features being built into BigHype.

With a tax of 12% the aim is to give back to the community in ways other tokens don’t. WIth strong redistributions, a marketing wallet, and most importantly a buyback and burn wallet aimed to create a hyper deflationary token. BigHype will always be doing something to create Big Hype!

If that wasn’t enough, Big Hypes’ claim to fame is their Big Hype Lotto. Several times throughout the month holders will be rewarded with a reward of up to 1% of all transactions so long as the holder is holding more than 100,000,000 BigHype tokens at the time of the drawing.

This lottery is a limited, special event that will be held for a period of one month in order to make sure as many people join as possible.

BigHype has partnered with the crypto community to build a unique token while rewarding their loyal holder base and creating Big Hype along the way.

There’s so much to get Hype about, when it comes to Big Hype, this unique token is changing the game in many ways. With future projects such as Big Hype store front, NFT marketplace, and further expansion. Big Hype will certainly be a project that looks to go to great lengths to keep all eyes and it’s people Hype!

The BigHype tokenomics have the ability to grow exponentially with every time a transaction is made. With a 12% tax, 2% of that is sent back to holders who hold more than 100k tokens to keep their buy pressure high and growing. In addition to this, 4% are kept in reserve for them to be able to bring in more and more users. They also hold a buyback wallet where they can recycle tokens into the system as well as a burn wallet to ensure inflation does not become an issue.

With these two wallets, Big Hype has a built in growth model that rewards early adopters and helps their token grow at the same time!

If you’d like to learn more about BigHype visit them online at

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